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Sunflower Appeal - Is this a scam?

Tue, 08/25/2015 - 10:17 -- lisa

Dear Friends

For people that know me well, rarely have they ever seen me speechless.  However when I opened my e-mail yesterday and read a message from someone accusing me of setting up a Sunflower Appeal scam it did rather have that effect. Strangely it was not that they felt that we were trying to illicit money for evil means, but that "how on earth did we think we were going to feed 300 families with £3,000 this winter"  My husband duly pointed out that if I had wanted to set up a scam I may have chosen to make the fundraising total £50,000 and bought a one way ticket to Barbados - interesting!  

We have long relations with the Tabita Association (Baptist Church) based in Dancu, Moldova.  As we heard about the plight of the sunflower families from Camilla who had just returned, we felt that we should set up an urgent appeal to help.  At the time we weren't sure of the figure required but felt a strong feeling that our target should be £3,000.

People have given generously and beyond measure and it has been a sobering experience to see the total go up and up since last Friday.  Yesterday we received an e-mail from the project manager on the ground who was not aware of how much money we were aiming to raise for the Sunflower Appeal - he just wanted to tell us the amount of money that he needs to help the 300 families this winter.

Wheat for bread (300kg) per family = Approx £1,200 GBP in total

Sunflower seeds per family (100kg) = Approx £600 GBP in total.

Potatoes -  potatoes which Tabita has grown to be distributed to families = Approx £300 GBP in total.

Sunflower oil - Tabita processes a proportion of the sunflower seeds per family into cooking oil. Residue used for feeding livestock. Annual cost of processing approx £200 GBP.

Milk, cheese, butter. From past experience about £500 GBP. Products distributed on a monthly basis.

Fish Farm - You will know the reservoir doubles up as a fish farm. There is a possibility the first fish will be farmed over the winter and distributed to needy families. The monthly feed for the fish is approx £30. October to March £180 GBP.

Total  = £2,980

God works in very mysterious ways doesn't he?  Thank you for being part of this.