Rebuilding Lives and Communities in Eastern Europe

Sponsor a Project

As with any other charity we welcome supporters who feel able to help us by sponsoring a project and therefore the people that are helped by it.  Link to Hope has three sponsorship programmes

Club Link - £5 a month

This year sees the work of Link to Hope increase as we aim to help even more people across Eastern Europe. With your help we hope to be able to expand and develop our projects to further improve and rebuild even more lives and communities. That is why we would love it if you would consider becoming a member of our ‘Club Link’ and donate £5 a month to help make a difference to hundreds of peoples’ lives across Eastern Europe.

Why give us a regular gift? A regular gift allows us to plan for the future as we know that we will have a steady income stream that we can rely upon for emergencies and situations that arise. By making a regular gift of £5 a month you will make a really big difference to the lives of poor and needy people across Eastern Europe through our educational and social care projects.   Lives of people like Valentina.... 

 Valentina - she attends the Emmaus Club, a Link to Hope educational project for children with Special Educational Needs in Dancu, Moldova. Valentina comes from a very poor family and has learning difficulties and needs extra classes to understand things properly. Her parents are very grateful as, without the Emmaus Club, it would be likely that Valentina would have to go away to a special school, as was unfortunately the case for her elder sister, Dorina. Because of the regular support of wonderful people like you, Valentina should be able to keep up in mainstream schooling and be able to stay with her family.

 What your money will buy. Your £5 a month will make a huge difference to people’s lives, across all of our projects, for things such as:-

Ø Food for the poorest and most disadvantaged
Ø Medical aid
Ø Social care programmes
Ø Education and training to help people break out of their cycle of poverty
Ø Wood for winter fuel
Ø Emergency situations that may arise
What you will get
Ø A twice yearly e-newsletter with updates on where your money is going and details on the lives of the people it is helping.
Ø Be the first to hear about the latest news, events, trips and challenges happening at Link to Hope.

Become a sponsor of ‘A Future Changed’

‘A Future Changed’ is Link to Hope’s educational and social care programme based in Iasi, Romania.  The project helps some of the poorest children and families strive to overcome poverty, gain access to education and develop a better life for themselves.  ‘A Future Changed’ includes a social care and educational work based in Dallas Shanty Town and the ‘Little Rainbows Kindergarten’ which is attended by some of the children from Dallas.  In Dallas Shanty Town most homes usually consist of only one room with no running water, heating or electricity where whole families live in cramped, squalid conditions. Through the ‘A Future Changed’ programme we provide education, which is the resource people need to achieve jobs and help themselves out of poverty, and social care support to enable them to take the step forward to making a difference in their lives.

We are inviting people to join our ‘A Future Changed’ Sponsorship Programme with a suggested monthly donation of between £10 to £25.  Your sponsorship would not only help to sustain these projects but it will also provide the tools and knowledge to help people make improvements to their lives and achieve long-term, generational change.  As a Sponsor we will keep you up to date with a report and photos 3 times a year on where your money is going, the people you are helping and the lives you are changing.

In Dallas Shanty Town many children and families live in desperate need of the very things we often take for granted - food, medicine, fuel, education and safe drinking water. Without these basics, they are often denied the chance they need to ever realise their full potential.

Here are a few of the people that your donation would help.

NAME: Alondra-Ioana 

The family live in one room of a house owned by Ioan’s mother.  All 5 members of the family live in the one room, which is well kept and clean. Here they have a wood-burning soba (clay stove), two beds, a TV set, a cupboard and a display cabinet.

The parents occasionally earn an income by collecting scrap iron or plastic items from the rubbish skips to resell for recycling.


NAME: Denisa 

Denisa’s parents Aglaia -Irina and Constantin started their relationship 10 years ago and now have 6 children. 

Because their relationship with Constantin’s mother was tense, and she frequently harassed them, they looked for a different home, and recently found an unfinished house with 3 rooms and a kitchen. It is in a deplorable state and needs a lot of improvement. The family need financial help to buy construction materials to renovate it.

The regular family income is made of Child Benefit, Maternity Benefit  and Constantin’s wage (he works in a gas station).

NAME: Elisei-Robert          

The family live in one room in the house of Lenuta’s parents. Eleven other people live at the same address. The house is dilapidated and unkempt, and the room in which they live is very small. The hygienic and sanitary conditions aren’t satisfactory for the family.

The parents sell different products in the market (for example: they collect and sell mushrooms from the woods, nuts, flowers, etc) 

NAME: Gabriela 

Gabriela’s parents, Elena and Damian-Mihai lived together and had (according to Elena) 3 children. Elena lives in the small two-roomed house of her deceased parents, which is badly deteriorated - the clay walls are falling out due to the abundant rain. Inside they have a bed in both rooms, a table, one cooker with gas bottle, a cupboard for clothes and a broken down clay stove, “which makes a lot of smoke and doesn’t give much heat”. The family receives no Child Benefit for the children, because Elena and the girls have no Birth Certificates (or any form of ID). Damian-Mihai has a horse and cart, and earns some income, doing various occasional jobs (carrying wood or agricultural works).


Iasmina’s parents, Elena and Florin have lived together for many years and have had 6 children. Recently Elena moved (because she had some disagreements with her landlord) into another rented room with unplastered walls – it has never been finished. The room has few pieces of furniture: one bed and a big mattress, 2 TV sets, one cupboard and one table. They don’t have electricity or a water supply. Florinel and Nicoleta often miss school to take care of their small sisters or stay on the streets to beg.Thier income comes from, Child Benefit, Maternity Benefit, plus any other occasional earnings.

NAME: Iulian-Marius       

Marius’s parents, Laura and Vasile were together for some years before they married 3 years ago. The family have only a certificate for the land (issued by a public notary) but no legal papers for the house. Vasile sometimes collects scrap iron with his 2 horses and cart and resells it. The family also have a pig. The only regular income of the family is monthly Child Benefit.                                                                                  


Neculai has health problems - at birth placental liquid entered his eyes and the doctors told his mother that he might lose his sight. He sees well now, though his eyes sometimes weep. He also has a grade 2 systolic murmur. The family lives in one room of Loredana–Mariana’s parents’ house which is poor, but clean. 

Their regular monthly income is from, Child Benefit (Maternity Benefit will stop now that Samir is 2 years old), very inadequate for their needs. Loredana’s mother sometimes gives them food, when her stepfather is out of the house. He disapproves of her and will not help her although he could afford to out of his Sickness Pension (he goes to hospital for dialysis). Both grandparents care for the boys when their mother is absent. In September Loredana was hired by a cleaning company as cleaning lady.

NAME: Teodora-Ioana    

Teodora’s parents, Ana - Maria  & Costel  have lived together for 7 years and have 3 children.  The hygienic conditions aren’t satisfactory. The family’s only regular monthly income is Child Benefit, Maternity Benefit, Supplementary Benefit and any money earned and sent back by Costel.


Vasilica’s parents, Mihai & Elena have been together for 10 years and have five children. The house where the family live has one room and a hallway and it’s built in the courtyard of Elena’s mother. 

The parents collect scrap iron and plastic bottles and then sell them. The only regular income of the family is Child Benefit and Maternity Benefit of. With money provided by the charity, they managed to do some work in the hallway so that their living/sleeping room increased.

Become a Sponsor for the ‘A Future Changed’ Programme for between £10 to £25 a month and YOU can help CHANGE this.   If you are interested please contact us by emailing or call 01903 529333.