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The Sunflower Appeal

Sunflower Appeal - An Update Jan 2016

The Sunflower appeal we ran at the end of August last year appears to be just giving and giving.  For anyone that gave money towards the appeal here is an update from Pastor Slavic on exactly how it is helping individual people and drawing them into our other projects such as the Inn of Love so they are helped and cared for all year round.  Huge thanks from everyone here at Link to Hope

Dear Lisa,

I am writing this email to thank you all again for your very kind financial gifts which you very kindly offering for elderly and poor families here in Dancu. Sunday evening when i was coming home from the church, I found an elderly man at outside my house nearly frozen asking me to let him in to our home to get warm. After talking to him few minutes I realized that God sent him here so after he got warm and had sometime to eat I took the our van and put some wood from the community centre which we reserved for emergencies and took him home. When I arrived there I was shocked to see how poor he is living, no electricity, no food and lonely. It is really cold at this moment but when I got into his house it was even colder because he finished his wood one month ago and was just hoping that somehow he will survive. 

As I am writing you I have tears because I have seen many situations like this but this still shocked me very much. It took me nearly one hour to get his fire going because he hadn’t used this wood burning stove one month and it was difficult to get it going again. I thank God that He directed him to my house otherwise I can not imagine of what would have happened to him especially because last night it was minus 15C. 

Yesterday  he came to our special luncheon club for elderly people (Inn of love) at the church and last night when I told him about Jesus he said he wants to find out more about this. He lives in Cioara and although it is a long distance for him to walk from his house to the church he was so encouraged when i told him that he can come Monday, Wednesday and Friday to have a warm lunch. I am telling you this to thank you because you and Link to Hope by grace of God are very much part of what we do here. I thank God for how He provides to help these poor people through all who give and pray for Link to Hope. Today we will take more wood with our youth team and will keep our eyes on him as he is very lonely. Please pass on my greeting to everybody and many thanks for your wonderful help and prayers. 

God bless you,


Sunflower Appeal - The Results

We were overwhelmed but the level of support we received when we launched this appeal in August 2015.  Within a few weeks you raised nearly £9,000.  We just wanted to say thank you and our shoebox team went out in December 2015 to meet some of the people that benefitted from your generosity.  Not only were we able to buy food for the families but just as importantly wood.  In fact they were able to bless even more families in need than the original farmers and many people who would normally be freezing this winter had heat.  

Pastor Slavic who runs the Tabita Association that look after the people of Dancu wrote and said 

"I just very briefly want to thank you with all my heart for the money you sent to help poor families here in Dancu with food and wood at this very critical time. I have already ordered 100 cub meter of wood and it was supposed to come today but thank God it started to rain which very good for the winter wheat and the wood will come quiet soon. I personal have visited many of the poor families to encourage them and to tell them the good news that we will be able to help them. They have been greatly encouraged and all passed on their many thanks to all people in the UK who are thinking of them and very kindly helping them to survive"

Below are some photos showing a team from the Tabita Association preparing the wood in order to give it out to the farmers and poor families.

"As we delivered the next few shoeboxes, we did so alongside a team of young men who were delivering a trailer full of winter wood which had been purchased with money from the Link to Hope Sunflower Appeal. It was so great to see stacks of this ‘Sunflower Wood’ at peoples’ homes, ensuring that they would have a warm winter. A cubic metre of wood here costs more than one month’s pension!

At one elderly ladies home we threw the wood through an open window into a neglected room where it can be stored safe and dry. She welcomed us into the one other room, her living room, but also her kitchen and bedroom. This room was tiny, we did not all fit in it. The lady sat sadly on one of the small beds, stroking the thin dirty covers, her eyes overflowing with tears as she told us how her sister had died who used to sleep there, her son and grandson were also dead, she shared how lonely she felt. We all fell silent not knowing what to say, all overcome with emotion.

Here are some photos of other people that received the food that you raised funds for.  We at Link to Hope are always surprised at how old people are who are still working on the land (or perhaps their terrible lives cause them to look much older).  People really do work until they drop so many elderly people have no choice but to keep going.  So when a crop like the sunflowers die there really are no other options, they can't go and work somewhere else to raise the funds.  Thank you from all of us but especially the people of Dancu.




Moldova has been hit by its worse drought in years.  A team from the UK went out last week to help with the Vulcanizaire project in Dancu.  They asked to see the famous sunflowers that grow around the village.  They were driven in silence through rows and rows of dead or dying sunflowers. 

300 families now have no income to buy food this winter. 

The UK team recorded a short video and we are launching the SUNFLOWER APPEAL to raise £3,000 to buy food for these families. Giving shoeboxes out is great however when peoples crops are dying and they have no income to buy food they need extra help. The shoeboxes have given us that connection with them, now we want to go the extra mile and help them in this desperate situation. Please consider donating and please share this newsletter with others.