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The Homework Club was started when it became apparent that all the hard work that had been started at the kindergarten was being lost when the children went to school.  Suddenly they were left without support, had little encouragement from often illiterate parents and homes that were dark, crowded, noisy and not conducive for doing their homework.

So the Homework Club was started to not only give children a safe space and support to do their homework, but also to help develop their characters as they got older and to try to introduce and teach important life lessons that they would need to flourish in life.

GENERAL REPORT May – July 2017

Educator: Baciu Lavinia

The only essential investment in the lives of children in terms of their growth and education is the one made in the development of abilities, faith, and especially character. There is nothing more beautiful and noble than getting involved in a child’s personal development. Educating and supporting the child at the beginning of his life changes his future. One thing I noticed in children from the Homework Club is that they have no nitiative and courage to overcome the limits they were used to at home in their environment. They do not have the prospect of being able to become someone important and able to do bigger things than what their parents did. Contextually, the purpose of all lessons and activities was to stimulate them and help them realize that they are able to have a better future than their parents. The character implies the manifestation of man’s behavior, thought and action. When we hear of “a man of character” we assume a personality, a human being who rationally manifests his feelings, thinks and acts according to his principles and thoughts.

For a child to have good principles, he needs to be aware of what these are and what helps him in life. I have been looking for children to develop interpersonal during this period. This requires the child to recognize his emotions and feelings towards himself and others, to be able to express what he feels, to identify the traits of his emotions and to express his emotions rationally. I have noticed the fact that some of the children fail to express what they feel and some of them still have problems in the manifestation of anger. In these activities, children recognize the main emotions, whether negative or positive, they understand the difference between emotion and feeling, but some of them experience problems in expressing and controlling emotions, such as anger. In this sense, I did a craft activity, which involved the creation of a red button and when the child was angry, press that button and was allowed to walk on a bench to calm down, then tell what had happened.

Another objective of the lessons was to learn that sometimes it is necessary for a child to have patience with family and friends. In this lesson, I did a sensory activity in which children had to choose the grains of sand from sand and pebbles. It was an activity in which they learned that you have to be patient to choose the grain of sand. The winner was  the team that chose the grain without taking the sand.


Another objective in the lessons was to realize how important it is to be a responsible child. I have done several activities n which I presented stories about children which were responsible and managed with minimal effort to get where they wanted. In this sense, we started talking about what responsibilities they have at their age, at home and at school.

In the lessons about empathy and friendship, I wanted to develop children’s empathy towards other children and people around, which may not have the same possibilities. I told them that they do not have to judge them but to help them and to join them in any situation, whether they are friends or not. Also in this lesson, we wanted to make a poster together with the elements of a good entourage and which entourage you should guard. From this activity we have noticed that these children are aware that for a good development you must be aware of the negative influences of the behaviors of other children.

Over the next few weeks, I sought to stimulate them to have initiative and to highlight the courage to overcome boundaries and fears. I have done several craft activities and discussions on the basis of some children’s stories, each with its own fears and finding together solutions to their fears. The children were excited and told a lot of things that they fear and fail to control, such as the fear of talking în front of the class, thinking that they will be laughing. They were challenged to speak in front of the other children and with little hesitation they managed to do so.

During this period of time we also approached the following themes: respect for others, punctuality, perseverance, determination, sincerity, attention and obedience. In these lessons we have been discussing on the basis of specific stories for each lesson, writing in the journals, and conducting practical activities.

Through biblical lessons, children realized that we are created by God, that Lord Jesus is the one who died for us and we are saved through Him. I wanted to present the power of the Lord Jesus through the miracles of his life on earth. Each time they were impressed and believed that their heart and mind are aware that God is with them.

The children had a good behavior, with few deviations, humble, receptive to each other and participate in every activity with interest. We have seen  progress in their behavior, which I consider to be the most important achievement. I wish that these children both through biblical lessons, in which they know God as well as the interpersonal development activities, to form a good character and to realize that each deed will bring a reward.