Link to Hope

There is a desperate need for employment in many places in Eastern Europe.  There is also a need to train young people in trades which would mean that they could seek employment in their own countries rather than having to go abroad.

In the village of Dancu they had a dream of a wood and metal workshop where young people could go and learn skills. So it was decided to build an extension to the present Vulcanizaire garage that had been built recently.  It then needed equipment to fill it, so Camilla Johnson who had helped built the metal and wood extension, asked friends and family to donate tools and equipment to send over.

Armed with new tools and lots of safety equipment the boys started to practice and learn new skills.  The project was going so well that it was decided if an order could be placed for a range of wood products for Link to Hope to sell in its 6 shops in the UK.

The team are now busily producing a range of lovely items to send over and here are just a few examples.  We will be adding an online shop to the website in the Autumn in order for supporters to be able to purchase them so please look out

for it.