Rebuilding Lives and Communities in Eastern Europe

Link Romania

  • We have been working in the area of Dallas in Iasi for a number of years with our Future Changed Project. These provide education and social care to the children and families who come to our kindergarten and Homework Clubs.  We also have a Parents School.

    For a long time we have been wanting to help people with rebuilding their homes and recently we have been able to do just that.

  • Our intention is to develop a parenting course in order to help improve parenting skills of the parents of children enrolled in our Future Changed Project in Iasi, Romania. For the parents to understand what a huge role they play in their children life and what an effect they can have - positive or negatative - on their future.


  • The Homework Club started in April 2014 and we work with a total of 12 school children aged 6-12 years old.  Their teacher is Anicuta and the children are Dragos, Yanis, Constantin, Alexandru, Vasilica, Iasmina, Maria-Denisa, Teodora, Alexandru, Nicolae, Florin, Valentin.

  • The Shower Block Project came about after we met Pastor Cornel after a shoebox visit to Cluj, Romania.

  • The Farm of Hope is based in Iasi, Romania and is one of the longest running projects that we support.

  • These children come from the Neighborhood Bahlui-plain in Iasi, from single parent families, broken families, poor people, without education.

Link Moldova

  • Not only does Link to Hope give aid but it also seeks to support micro enterprises that can generate funds to support social care projects. 

  • The team has just returned from their recent trip out to Dancu.  This time they were building an extension to the Vulcanizare project.  The new extension is to be used for training young men in woodwork and for teaching.  The team worked very hard and managed to complete the walls and roof in one week.  Here are some of the photo's they took when they were out there.

  • Even though Chris & Helen Ducker have moved back to the UK, the work in Razesi, Moldova is continuing and going from strength to strength. Colea is carrying on the youthwork that was started at the Community Centre in Razesi. Chris & a team have just returned from Poganesti where Link to Hope has funded the transformation of some disused rooms into what they hope will be a Community Centre for the village. The funds have been raised by the 10 people taking part in the Rarau Mountain Challenge.

  • Emmaus Club – A wonderful development program for children with special educational needs in Dancu.

  • DancuTabita is a Christian Charity and relief organization committed to fulfilling the command Jesus Christ gave: to care for and empower the poor and oppressed (Matthew 25:31-46). Since 2002 when Tabita was founded we had the privilege to share the love of Christ to many poor and despair people who are living in a very remote village called Dancu but also many other villages around us. We are well aware that we are given to each other to bless each other.

Link Ukraine

  • Due to the terrible situation in the Ukraine at the moment Alex and Zina have had to move and go and live in Mariopol, which is just over the border from the war zone.  They continue to work at a rehabilitation centre which they were working in at the start of their ministry to alcoholics and drug addicts a few years ago. They are doing a vital work there giving aid, food and clothing to those in need affected by the war.

  • The work among the gypsy community in Odessa, Ukraine is led by Pastor Maxim Dzhum. Maxim, works in many gypsy villages in the Odessa region. There is a population of approximately 12,000 gypsy families in Odessa. The gypsy villages are over crowded.In many places the houses do not have sewage or a water supply. Although all families have a right to attend hospital, medication has to be paid for.The nationals themselves have to pay. Sadly, the gypsy community generally cannot afford medication,so will rely on herbal remedies.

  • Link to Hope are supporting this work amongst prisoners in the Lviv area of the Ukraine.  Regardless of their crimes everyone deserves a chance to change their lives and Misha's team play an important part in reducing the chance of people  re-offending when they finally leave prison.

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