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Inn of Love, Dancu

DancuTabita is a Christian Charity and relief organization committed to fulfilling the command Jesus Christ gave: to care for and empower the poor and oppressed (Matthew 25:31-46). Since 2002 when Tabita was founded we had the privilege to share the love of Christ to many poor and despair people who are living in a very remote village called Dancu but also many other villages around us. We are well aware that we are given to each other to bless each other. We are therefore very grateful to Link to Hope and all its supporters, for their involvement and their willingness to commit themselves by sharing so much love and generosity to the poorest of the poor in our country Moldova. It is a great joy and a huge encouragement for us to have such a wonderful partnership with Link to Hope who has been always so close to so many people who are living in great needs.

Inn of love is one of the projects which is fully supported by Link to Hope providing warm meals for approximately 60 elderly people. Tabita Association has been supporting lonely and poor elderly people in Dancu and Cioara, a group forgotten by society who often has to contend with social isolation. Due to the low pensions and limited social facilities these elderly people struggle to survive. In addition many family members have left for large cities or gone abroad in search of work. In other cases, mainly in Moldova there are elderly people who care for their grandchildren if their own children have died as a consequence of different sicknesses and no money to buy medicines. For these poor elderly people this is an extra heavy task.

Since 2009, nearly 26 000 meals have been given out to elderly and disable people in Dancu and Cioara villages.  Most of these people can’t physically walk and our team has been delivering nearly 18000 meals to their homes, over 8000 meals were served at the church in Dancu where these people can come and enjoying eating together and have good fellowship.  Thank God for Link to Hope for the great commitment to help us bring not only a warm meal to the helpless, the sick and the suffering and despair, but we can bring a word of comfort and a lot of encouragement.  We always think of you, those in England and support you in our prayers.

This year we have a team of 2 brothers and two sisters from our church invloved in this project and they do this work with much love to help and serve all these elderly people whom we help and it is a great joy to see how much they appriciate everytime our team delivering the meals to their homes and also those who come to the luncheon are greatly encouraged for the meal and the possibility to come together. Julia and Lidia are preparing the meal and serving people at the church while Lilian and Dorin delivering meals on people’s homes. It is fantastic to have a good car helping us going to approximately 30 homes where people who live so lonely are waiting so much to have a warm meal. We also want to thank Link to Hope for helping us buying this car which made a huge difference to this project especially in the winter time when we have rain so difficult to walk in the snow or mud. Most of these people admit that  if the team from the Inn of Love would not open their doors they may no longer be alive because of their very difficult life when dealing with their loneliness and helplessness. They always ask the team to pass on their many thanks to everybody in the UK who are thinking of them and help them through the very critical time.

Three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday our team is preparing a healthy food and everytime people are saying that the food is so nice.

It is so lovely to see people who can come to the luncheon having such a good fellowship with each others. One of our big desire is to see more elderly people coming to our luncheon as we heard that many of them want this but it is too far for them to walk. Our prayer is that we will have a minibus to brink them all together and even doing some activities with them to make their time more encouraging for them.

We know that God’s love carries us in all of this and that it goes out to everybody. I thank God with all my heart for Link to Hope helping and supporting this project, providing so much help to reduce the poverty and to break through the social isolation of marginalized people in our community. We are grateful for the many blessings of each day which Link to Hope is part of few projects including the Inn of Love and that through all we do here there are hundreds of people helped and greatly encouraged . Words cannot be described just how much we appreciate your wonderful help. I hope that this short update it will inspire you in such a way that we can also continue to count on your support for the coming year. That can be by means of prayer, involvement, effort and money. Slavic Duman (pastor of Dancu Baptist Church and Tabita Manager)


 Samocrainîi Grigore lives in Cioara village in his parents’ house, who have passed away. He has a disability of 2nd degree of severity for more than 30 years now, but in the last 2 years his general health has worsened and he walks with difficulty. Grigore lives alone, he has never been married and he does not have any children. He has two sisters, six brothers, and only one brothers still lives in the same village, the others have left. Grigore told us that he finds it very difficult to prepare his food. „I am a sick man and I cook for myself the way I can. I had a stroke and now I barely can move my right hand and leg. I would like to thank all the people who are making sacrifices and bring hope and a lot of encouragement in such people’s lives, as I. Every time when they bring food to me at home, my heart is full of joy, because there are so many times when I don’t have the courage to live, even though I am not an old man. Maybe my life would have been different and I would have had a family and children who could brighten my life, but after the incident that happened in my life, I came to the point that nobody needs me anymore. Because I walk with difficulty, I cannot find a job to earn for my life. The only income is my pension for my disability, which is not sufficient to cover all the basic expenses. I thank you so much for the help you are offering me in this difficult situation I am now.

Briceag Maria is a single woman who lives in Cioara village, in her parents’ house, who have passed away. She often doesn’t have the most basic things, but very important ones, that she needs for living. At the same time she has a big heart, always open for those who are sick and needy „all those people who are contributing and this food is prepared for us, those who are in need, are doing a wonderful and a good thing and I am sure they will leave a wonderful print on this earth”, she said.

Buraga Eugenia is a person with severe disability. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1971. From her own words, she said that she lived her life full of pain, with countless chemotherapies and others illnesses they discovered during this time. He husband died in 1995 and she lives alone for 23 years now and her 2 sons are visiting her not very often, because they left the village since they were very young and now „they have their own families and their own problems”, she said. „I don’t know how God keeps me on this earth because I can work using only my right hand, my left one is of no use anymore. These 3 days of the week when the food is brought to me, are the brightest for me, because it is very important for a sick person as I am to get already prepared and warm food. May God grant you with good health until the end of your days.

Jianu Maria is 88 years old, she lives alone, and she has never been married and has no children. She is the only one alive from all her family; she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. She has a very poor health, because she has problems with her colon spine. „ Sometimes I feel so sick that I cannot go outside the house. However, when the door opens and they bring the food to me I feel that I am not alone in this world. It is very difficult when you grow old ns you have no one” she told us this, having tears in her eyes, and she thanked for the kindness and generosity of all the people who are giving to bring joy and comfort to some people, who often have nothing else to do than to stare at one point the whole day.


Inn of Love cooks – Tania (left), Julia and Sfeta

Elderly people eating at the church


The whole team of the Inn of Love

Tania and Julia putting the meals in the thermos to go out



Two meals for one day just ready to serve the elderly people




Tania, the chef of the Inn of Love cooking



Link Moldova Projects

  • Not only does Link to Hope give aid but it also seeks to support micro enterprises that can generate funds to support social care projects. 

  • The team has just returned from their recent trip out to Dancu.  This time they were building an extension to the Vulcanizare project.  The new extension is to be used for training young men in woodwork and for teaching.  The team worked very hard and managed to complete the walls and roof in one week.  Here are some of the photo's they took when they were out there.

  • Even though Chris & Helen Ducker have moved back to the UK, the work in Razesi, Moldova is continuing and going from strength to strength. Colea is carrying on the youthwork that was started at the Community Centre in Razesi. Chris & a team have just returned from Poganesti where Link to Hope has funded the transformation of some disused rooms into what they hope will be a Community Centre for the village. The funds have been raised by the 10 people taking part in the Rarau Mountain Challenge.

  • Emmaus Club – A wonderful development program for children with special educational needs in Dancu.

  • DancuTabita is a Christian Charity and relief organization committed to fulfilling the command Jesus Christ gave: to care for and empower the poor and oppressed (Matthew 25:31-46). Since 2002 when Tabita was founded we had the privilege to share the love of Christ to many poor and despair people who are living in a very remote village called Dancu but also many other villages around us. We are well aware that we are given to each other to bless each other.