Rebuilding Lives and Communities in Eastern Europe

Future Changed Project, Iasi

These children come from the Neighborhood Bahlui-plain in Iasi, from single parent families, broken families, poor people, without education.

The team involved in this project started with confidence that, this year also, given the themes chosen and all the professional activities performed, will change the future of these children, giving them a different vision about life (a proper vision of equal chances), a new vision about education and social integration, in general.


This is one of the projects that will benefit from the Rarau Mountain Challenge Trek in June 2016.  We are aiming to raise £25,000 in our 25th year.  Please read all about what we are trying to achieve and consider donating.




                                          General Report for  January-April 2016

                                          Teachers: Maria Bălteanu & Anişoara Nechifor

                                          Social worker: Daniela Guralivu


It began a new calendar year in which we want that the heart and mind of every child to be touched by listening, ambition, love, kindness, attention and many teachings; the winter holiday  has ended and all the team from kindergarten awaits the children; we misses the sound of their steps and to hear their voices; also look forward to embrace them all, and in the corner of the eye to shine a tear ... of happiness and joy because finally we can do what we like most, to practice the most beautiful job from the world, the job of educator.


The main topic of discussion in January was "Space". Throughout the month the children were closer to sky, by the stretched universe, full of comets, asteroids, planets and other celestial bodies.

At the Science lessons, with help of many interesting images, the children were able to understand better what are the galaxies and what is a solar system; they were fascinated by the size of the asteroids and of the planets, the glow of the Sun and they understood why the Moon changes her shape within a calendar month. The children learned what is gravity, the attraction force and many other new and interesting notions which has helped  to understand how moves the universe and how the Earth rotates, in an organized way around the sun and in around his own axis. Children studied and how to orient in  space (cardinal points, up-down, left-right).

At the social-personal and emotional development lessons the children learned what is a true friendship, the discrimination, what it means to have preconceptions about people because of how they look or behave, and the fact that every human on Earth has value, deserves to be loved, appreciated and accepted as it is.

At the moral-Christian educational lessons the children learned from the Bible, from book of  Genesis, who created the sky, water, sun, moon, stars, actually, Who is the Creator of all the things on the Earth and from the univers; they have learned what it means to "really see the light from heaven" and how to keep their character and heart, clean and beautiful.

In the Creativity area were chosen as topics: the rockets, planets, astronauts, the sun, stars and moon. Everything was full of glitter, sparkles and moving objects.

In January we celebrated the birthday for Teodora-Ionela Trofin (6 yrs).



"People who help us” was the main theme of February.

The children understood the fact that everything they will learn at kindergarten and in the future at the school, will help them to choose a profession depending on their talents, abilities and knowledge of each one.

Through Stories, children learned exact details about some interesting and useful professions for all the people (builder, shoemaker, tailor, baker, doctor, musician). They learned what materials uses each worker in his field of activity, which are the dangers and benefits of each job; also children learned that, in general it is need an idea or a plan before putting knowledge in practice; they understood that work requires time, effort, fairness, quality and offers joy, contentment and reward.

At the social-personal and emotional development lessons, the main topics were: The personal hygiene and of teeth, The importance and usefulness of each job, 112 - Emergency call, Choose to tell the truth, The policeman - a trustworthy help.

At the moral-Christian education lessons  we studied: The 10 Commandments, Jesus as carpenter and Jesus as doctor; children learned what it means to do a good and quality work and which are the qualities we need for this (to be obedient, organized, serious, grateful, full of energy, hardworking, compassionate, loving, respectful and good).

In the Creativity area we worked more at cutting, coloring and gluing and the topics we have chosen were made from paper: chefs, bakers, doctors, medical kits, houses and builders.

The children learned a few poems and songs: The fire,  The locomotive, Listening is the way to heaven.

This month we did a surprise to the children and they had eaten a delicious pizza.



The theme of this month was very important and helpful for the small pedestrians from kindergarten. The theme was "The Means of Transport".

At the Science lessons, children learned the main modes of transport (land, water, air), the multitude of means of transport and the traffic rules. A few experiments helped the children to understand what is the friction force, the inertia, pushing force, hitting force, what makes to float the boats on water and the planes to fly in the air.

During the month, children have realized how important are the means of transport for our lives but also that these can be very dangerous if we not respect the principal traffic rules (at the ground, in particular).  In this regard, at the headquarters of the kindergarten was invited a team of Romanian Traffic Police from Iasi. The policeman has advised the children how to cross the street, where to play, how to protect themselves and which are the safe places for play. Also the policeman reminded to all about possible accidents who could put in danger our health or even our lives.

At the social, personal and emotional development lessons the main themes we studied were: With bike in safe,  The main traffic rules (especially for pedestrians), How we behave in public transport, The Parachuting - a lesson about courage and strong emotions, The dreams can come true if we work hard and we are ambitious, To love our parents.

At the moral-Christian education lessons the children learned some of the miracles of Jesus, but also about kindness, caring, charity and the authentic faith.

The Creativity area was full of geometric figures which took the form of little cars, boats, planes, trains and hot air balloons.

The children learned the song, I am traffic policeman and the poetry, The traffic lights.

The international Day of the mother was an opportunity for the children to practice writing; they wrote cards greeting and did flowers at creativity, to offer them with all the love to their moms.

In March we celebrated birthday for Maria-Antonia Manea (6 yrs) and Radika-Narcisa Arghir (5 yrs).



The theme of the month was  "The Spring and Easter".

The Science lessons helped the children to understand better the characteristics of the spring season, the specific natural phenomena of spring, and what happens with the animals and plants.

A few Stories has helped the children to enter in the world of the plants and trees (they learned which are the main parts of a plant or a tree, life conditions, the pests, how to protect the nature and animals); children learned about life cycles of plants, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammalians, they learned which is the environment they live, what they eat; also the children learned the benefits obtained by humans from the plants, trees (clean air, soil stable, umidity control of the soil, wood, flowers, fruits, vegetables) and from various animals (milk, meat, feathers, wool, eggs, leather and of course their force and beauty).

At the social, personal and emotional development lessons, the children learned about: The dangers around us, How to have caring for younger brothers, The forgiveness and reconciliation, Our indifference to the bad deeds of those around, affect us in a way or another at some moment in life, and many other interesting subjects such, what it means to be smart, what is the pride and the stinginess.

The moral-Christian education lessons were full of emotions, feelings, questions and answers, that helped the children to enter in the atmosphere of Easter and to understand better what actually is this celebration - Jesus Christ is our Savior who risen from the dead; the main topics discussed were: Moses and the 10 plagues of Egypt, Jesus entry into Jerusalem, The Last Supper, Crucifixion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.

The children learned some songs and poems: The Spring, The householder from Transylvania, The Snowdrop, Forgiveness.

The Creativity area was full of color and "life" (flowers, birds, insects, amphibians, reptiles and many others beautiful creature on earth, made from paper or painted).

In April we celebrated the birthday for Andrei Sofronie (5 yrs).






Ionuţ was enrolled in our program in September, 2015; he was enrolled for the first time in an educational program. In the first days of activity, Ionuţ did not knew any one of the letters from the alphabet, he could not recognize his written name, he didn't knew the colours, neither the basic geometric figures; he could to counts from 1 to 10 only with help but couldn't recognize the numbers. His vocabulary was very poor, with many grammatical mistakes.

In this time, Ionuţ evolved well from academic,  social and personal terms; he was very shy at the beginning, but now is more talkative, sociable, cheerful and optimistic; Ionuţ has more confidence in himself, is aware of his qualities and is able to take his own decisions; Ionuţ is curious and eager to have good results; in general, he participates with much interest at all the activities and the lessons.

In Literacy, Ionuţ recognizes and writes his name, without help; he studied all the letters of the alphabet, recognizes and writes them all, with a little help.

At Mathematics, Ionuţ is able to count in a correct way from 1 to 20; he has progressed a lot at writing the numbers between 1 and 10; also, he recognizes the numbers between 11 and 20, with a little help. He learned all the basic geometric figures  and all the colors.

Ionuţ is an ambitious child and certainly will have a good performance in the future.


Andrei was enrolled in our educational program, starting with February 2016; He is for the first time enrolled in an educational program; Andrei is an ambitious child, open to learn new things; he is enthusiastic about everything happens around him because, actually, most of the information is new. In terms of social development, Andrei feels safe in kindergarten and is aware that he is loved and appreciated by his classmates and by teachers.

Following an initial assessment, we found that Andrei didn't know to count from 1 to 10, couldn't recognize his name, didn't knew any letter of the alphabet, neither the colours or the basic geometric figures.

In this term, Andrei has learned the main hygiene rules, the classroom rules, rules of politeness, the days of the week, months of the year, some natural phenomena and how to use in a correct way all the utilities and materials from kindergarten.

Andrei had a good progress in academic terms.

In Literacy, Andrei learned to recognizes his name, but he can't write it without help; Andrei studied all the letters from the alphabet, writes them well, with help, but can not recognize them yet, without help. Andrei offers good answers to the questions posed by the teacher from lessons. It is hard to understand when he speaks because has some speech problems; Andrei pronounces a few sounds, with difficulty and incorrectly; his teeth are not in a good health and are very damaged.

At Mathematics, Andrei learned to count correctly from 1 to 10, recognizes and write the numbers between 1 and 5, with help; he learned a few colours and some of the basic geometric figures.

Andrei is eager to learn new things that is why we think that he will have a good evolution in the future.




Munteanu Lenuţa and Tănasă Mircea have together 7 children: Robert Costel (15 years old), Ana Maria (13) Anda Elena (11), Ion Petru (9), Florin Ionut (7), Denis Costel (4) and Gabriela Elena (almoust 2).

All the family lives in one room that is very small. In this room are 2 beds, from which one is single, due to the fact that there isn’t enough space for a bigger bed. 9 persons in 2 beds is too much! Ionut’s mother is telling us each time when she comes to us: „The children have grown up and practically we don’t fit in that room. It’s really hard. Please help us”. The same room is used a bedroom, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. The house is owned by Mr. Tanasa’s mother and it has only one veranda made of planks.

The family wishes to enlarge this room as soon as possible and to increase the size of the room. They think to build one or two bigger rooms.

They don’t have current water and because of this reason they buy water for which they pay 10 lei to a neighbor. They have electricity also from a neighbor, for which they pay 100 lei per month.

Mr. Tanasa succeded to get his birth certificate and ID card. He works occassionally at a flowershop where he help the florist and receives 30 lei per day.

The family income is children benefit: 704 lei (6 x 84 lei + 1 x 200 lei) and the income made by the father, about 600 lei/month. Total 1304 lei.

Due to the fact that their courtyard is almost always flooded, the family received from our organization 150 lei soil and stones in order to rease the level of the courtyard. Also the family received chalk for the cleaning of the house.



Cojocaru Diamanda is the mother of 4 children: Cojocaru Diana –Maria (9 years old), Sofrone  Diana –Gabriela (7), Sofrone Gabriel – Andrei (6) si Cojocaru Mihai –Vlăduţ (4).

Cojocaru Diamanda, the mother of the children, was abandoned at birth and was raised at the foster home. She had a relationship with Sofrone Daniel, which did recognized 2 of the children: Diana –Gabriela and Gabriel – Andrei.

The first child, a girl, Cojocaru Diana-Maria, was taken from maternity by the Child Protection of Iassy and was given to a maternal assistant to be raised due to the fact that the mother didn’t have at that moment a place where to live, not the possibilities to raise her.

The second child, Sofrone Diana-Gabriela lived with her parents until the third child was born. After that she was given into the care of an aunt from another town, because Sofrone Gabriel-Andrei (the third child) was born with health issues and the mother was forced to stay a long time in the hospital with him. When Andrei was almost 2 years old, came into the world Mihai Vladut (the fourth child).

At that moment the family lived in the basement/storehouse of a school, without electricity, current water or other utilities. Without any income the family was procuring food by begging or looking into the trash or from different people disposed to help them.

Cojocaru Diamanda was received in the “Maternus” (a maternal center from Iassy) with her 2 boys, where she lived one year. In this period of time, the aunt from Ilfov sent Diana-Gabriela home because she couldn’t keep her due to being pregnant with her own child. The daughter lived in the basement of the school for a period of time. The child was rejected by the mother and was taken into foster care by a young family with the wish to be adopted. After the maximum period of habiting in the maternal center, Mihai Vladut was given to another maternal assistant and Andrei is the only child that remained with the mother.

In the present, the mother lives with the child Andrei-Gabriel at another poor family with 4 children, which received her in order not to live on the streets, because the basement was closed by the new owners of the building.

Andrei never went to kindergarten before the age of 5½ years old, even if at the age of 6 he must go to school. He was received at the “Asociatia Un Viitor Schimbat”, where in a short period of time, until the start of the new school year he needs to gain the basic notions for  the integration in the state’s school.

Beside helping him with gaining the basic knowledge by our Association, he also received help in solving his dental problems.

Due to surgical intervention, Andrei’s maxillary is not properly developed, the upper teeth grown chaotic. Andrei has difficulties in eating and talking, and the doctor said that he needed speech therapy from age of 2, but because the material situation of his parent he didn’t had the benefit of a speech therapist.

We’ve contacted an orthodontics from a Dentistry Clinic, Iassy, for solving Andrei’s dental problems. The doctor recommended braces, but not before repairing his teeth. Andrei was helped by our Orgranization with the necessary amount for dental radiology (190 lei), and together with the social worker, Guralivu Daniela, he went 5 times at the stomatolog for dental treatments.


It was hard for the doctor to work, due to the fact that Andrei developed a powerful fear after so numerous interventions, and now he refuses to open the mouth. He must go for another consultation after 3 months, and if everything is ok, the doctor will put braces (that will cost 500 lei). The mother doesn’t have the money and Andrei needs financial help to cover the spendings. 








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  • We have been working in the area of Dallas in Iasi for a number of years with our Future Changed Project. These provide education and social care to the children and families who come to our kindergarten and Homework Clubs.  We also have a Parents School.

    For a long time we have been wanting to help people with rebuilding their homes and recently we have been able to do just that.

  • Our intention is to develop a parenting course in order to help improve parenting skills of the parents of children enrolled in our Future Changed Project in Iasi, Romania. For the parents to understand what a huge role they play in their children life and what an effect they can have - positive or negatative - on their future.


  • The Homework Club started in April 2014 and we work with a total of 12 school children aged 6-12 years old.  Their teacher is Anicuta and the children are Dragos, Yanis, Constantin, Alexandru, Vasilica, Iasmina, Maria-Denisa, Teodora, Alexandru, Nicolae, Florin, Valentin.

  • The Shower Block Project came about after we met Pastor Cornel after a shoebox visit to Cluj, Romania.

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  • These children come from the Neighborhood Bahlui-plain in Iasi, from single parent families, broken families, poor people, without education.