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Homework Clubs, Iasi, Romania

The Homework Club started in April 2014 and we work with a total of 12 school children aged 6-12 years old.  Their teacher is Anicuta and the children are Dragos, Yanis, Constantin, Alexandru, Vasilica, Iasmina, Maria-Denisa, Teodora, Alexandru, Nicolae, Florin, Valentin.

The children who attend the Homework Club come from poor families where the conditions are unsuitable for learning or doing their homework. In most cases they leave in only one room with the other members of the family. The parents have low level of education or are illiterate and their main concern is to get the daily resources. Because of this situation they can’t help their children with their homework and are not able to offer/teach them the basic knowledge


Teacher: Iolanda Stroescu

A true character is important and at the same time essential for each of us, and to acquire it takes time, investment, resources, dedication and willpower.

The basics of a true character is formed from early childhood, and knowing this, the purpose and the primary objective of the lesson topics presented at the Homework Club was and is character education of children.

During this time, my attention was directed toward the needs of these children and tried to choose specific topics to fulfill some of their needs. Thus, we had as main themes: diligence versus laziness, goodness versus evil, truth versus untruth, discontent versus contentment, perseverance, responsibility, compassion, wisdom, obedience, respect, good manners.

Children were familiarized with certain characters from stories from witch they had a lot to learn. First, to better understand what it means diligence and laziness, they were acquainted with the characters from the story "The Cricket and The Ant". From them, they learned how to be industrious and the benefits of diligence and what it means to be lazy and consequences of laziness. Also they became acquainted with the characters from the story “The Old Man’s Doughter and The Old Woman’s Doughter”. From there they learned that hard work is like a treasure of great value, and desired to be searched for, and those who acquire diligence enjoy its fruits as would enjoy a treasure. Hence we come to that work forms our character, and that only through work we can get what we want, so that every child has thought about what they would like to be when they grow up and so I found among us many future policemen, doctors and firefighters. Besides all these beautiful and desirable jobs, Denisa Mares, attracted my attention, she wanting to become a chef to make food as good as possible for those around her.

The next lessons were about kindness and malice. Children have learned that we can show kindness even by our words. Not only if we strike hurts, but also if we say malicious words. A rough word is strong and hurts the heart, a good word brings joy and heals the heart. On this we made ​​together an activity in which children had to say and write nice things about each other.

Another trait that the children understood in a couple of lessons was about truth and falsehood. During that time I faced many lies told by children, about the homework they had to do and about certain conflicts between them. I noticed that for them, telling lies, is a normal thing. Thus, together with the children we started exploring the serious consequences of lying, as well as the benefits brought by telling the truth. Children were told some stories on this topic and many examples from everyday life. They understood that a lie always leads to another lie and in this way people around them may lose confidence in them. Starting from this point, together we built a trust tower made of Lego pieces. The idea from which we started was the following: the more we tell the truth and we're honest, the tower piece by piece begins to rise and people have faith in us, but when we lie, the tower can be destroyed very easily. The lesson was noted when Costel Gangal admitted in front of all children that he copied some of the multiplication table, when he received the task from me to write it from memory. It was a good example that came at the right time in order to explain to the children that if we told a lie, it is better to admit it by our own initiative. After these lessons, I was happy to see the children trying to be more truthful, and observed improvements in this regard.

A lesson to which children showed interest was about wisdom. They understood the fact that wisdom, can be found in books, can be found even in parental advice, but most important, true wisdom can be found from God. Thus, in a bible lesson, the children were introduced to King Solomon who asked for wisdom from God to be able to judge fairly the people of Israel. The children were excited when they put themselves in place of King Solomon and like him, they did not want fame and wealth from God but wisdom to take the right decisions in life. And together we made the craft ,,Wisdom is better than gold."

      Over time I noticed certain behaviors from the children of disobedience and neglect and I felt that is needed to talk to them about perseverance and about listening. In the lessons about perseverance we made some team activities such as puzzles, games and lessons about listening and we realized the craft the "The keys of listening." The children were interested and attracted to these activities. Upon completion I was glad to see that some children even put into practice some of the lessons learned. An example would be Nicusor, who had a lot of homework to do and said full of conviction ,, Mrs. Iolanda, I do not give up! I will continue to do my homework until I finish. "

Towards the end of this period of time I also focused on the respect for the other people and good manners. The last lessons were centered on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The lessons were focused on the true meaning and value of this great holiday. We watched cartoons and realized certain activities on this topic.

During this time, the children had moments when they were attracted and paid attention to the lessons, and moments when they were not very receptive, but together we learned beautiful and important things and I rejoiced when I saw that some of them were put in practice by children.






Link Romania Projects

  • We have been working in the area of Dallas in Iasi for a number of years with our Future Changed Project. These provide education and social care to the children and families who come to our kindergarten and Homework Clubs.  We also have a Parents School.

    For a long time we have been wanting to help people with rebuilding their homes and recently we have been able to do just that.

  • Our intention is to develop a parenting course in order to help improve parenting skills of the parents of children enrolled in our Future Changed Project in Iasi, Romania. For the parents to understand what a huge role they play in their children life and what an effect they can have - positive or negatative - on their future.


  • The Homework Club started in April 2014 and we work with a total of 12 school children aged 6-12 years old.  Their teacher is Anicuta and the children are Dragos, Yanis, Constantin, Alexandru, Vasilica, Iasmina, Maria-Denisa, Teodora, Alexandru, Nicolae, Florin, Valentin.

  • The Shower Block Project came about after we met Pastor Cornel after a shoebox visit to Cluj, Romania.

  • The Farm of Hope is based in Iasi, Romania and is one of the longest running projects that we support.

  • These children come from the Neighborhood Bahlui-plain in Iasi, from single parent families, broken families, poor people, without education.