Rebuilding Lives and Communities in Eastern Europe

Shower Block Project, Cluj

The Shower Block Project came about after we met Pastor Cornel after a shoebox visit to Cluj, Romania. We went to an area where people were living in derelict buildings, no glass, children running around in the mud, no running water - it really was awful.  Cornel has a vision that we should not only help people with gifts but also with basic needs such as providing water and washing facilities.  Can you imagine not being able to take a shower or bath, wash your hair or your clothes and that happening day after day?  The only relief is a bucket of water you have had to go and collect, heat up and use to try to clean yourself.  

Thanks to sponsors such as law firm Latham & Watkins this dream is now becoming a reality.  Special thanks go to Simon Graham for initiating the funding and here is what it looks like now:-


Here are the Stage 1 photos taken in May 2014 by Cornel.  Local people are volunteering to help build the block which is fantastic.


Cornels vision is  :

"To build, equip and run a place where we can teach people who have never had a chance to take a shower, how to do that and a place where they will come to practice.

 Through our help we will  facilitate for any ladies, man, girl and boy from any social category to come and wash their hair, take a shower, wash their body, wash their clothes, minimum once a week or how ever often they can come"

     This place will have heating in the winter, running water, warm and cold water , flushing toilets, a washing machine, dryer, showers, sinks.

      We have arround 200 ladies, men, boys and girls who will benefit we will serve with this place.

  The place will be 5 m long by 4 meters wide , 2.5 m high;

- with 2 toilets (one for ladies and one for mans) , 

-  2 showers

- 1 washing machine

- 1 dryer

- 1 Central Gas Heating point


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  • We have been working in the area of Dallas in Iasi for a number of years with our Future Changed Project. These provide education and social care to the children and families who come to our kindergarten and Homework Clubs.  We also have a Parents School.

    For a long time we have been wanting to help people with rebuilding their homes and recently we have been able to do just that.

  • Our intention is to develop a parenting course in order to help improve parenting skills of the parents of children enrolled in our Future Changed Project in Iasi, Romania. For the parents to understand what a huge role they play in their children life and what an effect they can have - positive or negatative - on their future.


  • The Homework Club started in April 2014 and we work with a total of 12 school children aged 6-12 years old.  Their teacher is Anicuta and the children are Dragos, Yanis, Constantin, Alexandru, Vasilica, Iasmina, Maria-Denisa, Teodora, Alexandru, Nicolae, Florin, Valentin.

  • The Shower Block Project came about after we met Pastor Cornel after a shoebox visit to Cluj, Romania.

  • The Farm of Hope is based in Iasi, Romania and is one of the longest running projects that we support.

  • These children come from the Neighborhood Bahlui-plain in Iasi, from single parent families, broken families, poor people, without education.