Rebuilding Lives and Communities in Eastern Europe


Link Ukraine Projects

  • Due to the terrible situation in the Ukraine at the moment Alex and Zina have had to move and go and live in Mariopol, which is just over the border from the war zone.  They continue to work at a rehabilitation centre which they were working in at the start of their ministry to alcoholics and drug addicts a few years ago. They are doing a vital work there giving aid, food and clothing to those in need affected by the war.

  • The work among the gypsy community in Odessa, Ukraine is led by Pastor Maxim Dzhum. Maxim, works in many gypsy villages in the Odessa region. There is a population of approximately 12,000 gypsy families in Odessa. The gypsy villages are over crowded.In many places the houses do not have sewage or a water supply. Although all families have a right to attend hospital, medication has to be paid for.The nationals themselves have to pay. Sadly, the gypsy community generally cannot afford medication,so will rely on herbal remedies.

  • Link to Hope are supporting this work amongst prisoners in the Lviv area of the Ukraine.  Regardless of their crimes everyone deserves a chance to change their lives and Misha's team play an important part in reducing the chance of people  re-offending when they finally leave prison.