Link to Hope

Shoebox Pick Up Form


Less than 80 boxes?

Please take your shoeboxes to your nearest Area Receiver by 10th November.  A list of Area Receiver locations can be found here.  NB We are unable to arrange collection for less than 80 boxes

More than 80 boxes?
Please make every effort to take them to an Area Collector, but if you are unable to please contact us by 10th November to arrange a collection by filling in the Shoebox Pick Up Booking form below.
 If you can deliver your shoeboxes directly to our warehouse in Worthing, West Sussex it would be very helpful and you have up to the 30th November to do so.
Register for a pick up using the form and then follow the instructions below:
  • If you have more than 5 boxes please complete the Delivery Note onlineVERY IMPORTANT. This will generate a Thank You Poster.  Without it we have no record of your shoeboxes and we won’t be able to thank you.
  • If you have more than 5 shoeboxes take off the Gift Aid forms and £2 coins from the Shoeboxes.  Send the Gift Aid forms to us in the post or give them to the driver in an envelope clearing stating your name and address.
  • To send the total of the £2’s to Link to Hope please either:-
  • PAY ONLINE  – The payment form is here OR
  • SEND BY BACS TRANSFER – by BACS transfer to us or send a cheque clearing stating who it is from and for how many shoeboxes . Our Bank details are Natwest Bank, Sort Code 60-24-31 Account Number 12677949
  • POST  A CHEQUE  made out to Link to Hope to the Shoebox Appeal 2017, Link to Hope, Link House, Park Road, Worthing West Sussex, BN11 2AN


Please do not burden the driver with any money or cheques this year.  This is for their own security.

Our drivers will collect your shoeboxes between the 11-17th November 2017 and then we can begin the work of bringing smiles to impoverished communities in Eastern Europe.