Link to Hope

Welcome to the Link to Hope Family & Elderly Shoebox Appeal.


Thank you for being willing to fill a shoebox with lovely gifts for someone less fortunate.

If you have given us a shoebox before please note that we are doing things differently this year.   Shoeboxes need to be finished and with your local Area Receiver or Group Organiser by 10th November 2017. We cannot accept shoeboxes after that date as this year boxes will only be collected between 11th – 17th November 2017.  No pick ups will be available after this date unfortunately so it will be very different from previous years.

The minimum number of shoeboxes we can arrange a collection for remains at 80 shoeboxes. Under that amount please arrange to take them to your nearest Area Receiver by the 10th November 2017.

If you are a Group Organiser or an Area Receiver with over 80 shoeboxes please fill in our Shoebox Pick Up Form before the 10th November 2017.


Download your Shoebox Leaflets and Posters here