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£10 Shoebox Challenge

We really want to help you put together a well packed and heavy shoebox for the least money you can.  That is why this year we are launching the £10 Shoebox Challenge.  We have gone out onto the high streets clutching our £10, to see how many items we can buy that are listed in the Shoebox Appeal Leaflet for that amount of money. Our results are below and we wanted to share it with you so you can do the same.  

You do have to use your imagination and keep your eyes peeled in the major supermarkets as well as the odd charity shop but the result is very impressive we think. Below the poster is a list of exactly where we got the items and how much they cost.  Happy Shopping


Present Category Item Cost  
Shower Gel Shower gel £0.40  Tesco 
Small toys Toy cars £0.25 Poundland
  Bubbles £0.24 Wilkinsons
  Tennis ball £0.25 Poundland
Toothpaste/Brush Toothpaste £0.25 Tesco, 
  Toothbrush £0.18 Tesco
Sweets/Chocolate Toffees £0.66 Tesco
  Chocolate £0.30 Sainsbury
Gloves/Scarf/Hat Man's hat £1.00 Poundland
Brush/Comb Combs £1.00 Sainsburys/Tesco
Simple calculator Calculator £0.75 Tesco
Screwdriver Screwdriver £0.90 Wilkinsons
Soap/Flannel Soap  £0.15 Tesco/Sainsburys
  Flannel/sponge £0.30 Tesco/Sainsburys
Safety razors/plasters Razors £0.30 Tesco/Sainsburys
Colouring Books/Writing Pads Colouring book £0.50 Sainsburys
Pens/Pencils/Crayons Colouring pencils £0.90 Wilkinsons
Craft Sewing Kit Sewing kit £1.00 Poundland
Socks/Tights (new) Man's socks £0.50 Poundland
Grand Total   £9.83