Link to Hope

A photo? It must be magic!

Imagine not knowing what the internet is, thinking taking a photo must be some form of magic, having no runnng water or sewage and not leaving your village in 28 years.  Well there are more people than you think in this position, people that have been left behind by todays world and are in desperate need of someone to come and help them.  The Lost and Found project Link to Hope supports in Cluj, Romania does just that.  Here our project manager Pastor Cornel Fedor telll us about such a case as this.

“I will ask you , please to think, pray and remember a very nice and dear grandfather Mr. Vancea Alexandru. He is from a very small village with just about 45 families left in it . Vale village is between some hills and at the end of a very bad road, with no asphalt, no running water and no sewerage in all the village.

Peoples are most of them over 65 years old and from time to time you see some horse wagons on the street but no children as there are no young families. In all the village there is no kindergarten, no dispensary, no school, no shops  nothing that would suggest that 2017 year is around.

Mr. Vancea was born in…1924 November 06. In a very poor family of 9 children, he is the youngest, he never had a chance to go to school, unfortunately he never in his 93 years had a chance to read some or write some. From more then 20 years he is widowed and alone.

At least once a month I go to spend time with him, giving him the “Lord Supper”( communion) , listening to his unbelievable story of life and helping him with some requests.

He is one of the most lost man in today’s society. He still have a black and white tv in one corner , no phone or  modern things.

This Sunday he show me his biggest concern. The electrical company send to all people some new contracts. They should fill in their options and send it back to them. But there is a line with the bank account number, email address, Mobile phone, if you accept direct debit … so on….ha ha ha . If you want to apply online or if you want to receive a electronic bill??  He never had any of that.

Now he want to know what he can do and what are these papers. He waited for me and wanted me to explain to him all of it and what he can do? Will he lose the electricity? Also why does the electrical bill have color printing on it? How do people make that? He know just the old communist newspaper which was black and white.

I did try to convince him the world is changed. He never went out from his village in last 28 years….!!! I told him about computer and all new things. About supermarkets, bananas, oranges, electrical tools… internet and all others.. He never had a chance to experience….When I took a picture of  him with my phone and showed him he was scared and can’t believe it is ok. He thinks I have super natural powers because we make a selfie and show him …

I did had a super fun time , but at the same time I was so so sad in my heart. The poor Mr. Sandu ( this is how peoples call him ) he is the oldest one in all area but he is so alone…

Before we leave,  he started to cry and told me one more time : “Emmanuel Ministry family are his dear ones, don’t forgot to let other volunteers to know that again” He handed to me some wild flowers to give to the girls …Sweet, sweet, experience , just because peoples like Link to Hope sponsor our travelling and projects. Thank you so much !!”

Needless to say Mr Sandu will be receiving one of your wonderful elderly shoeboxes and we will continue to support him with the Lost & Found project.  Everyone needs a friend…… thank you for helping us and Pastor Cornel be that friend.