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Feeding the children and elderly

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In Moldova increased numbers of children are living with either one parent or with their grandparents, as their parents have to go abroad in order to earn their living and survive. (according to UNDP Moldova’s report on population published last year, Moldova is losing 104 people per day – 8 people die and 96 leave the country to work abroad. For such a tiny country like Moldova, these figures are more than alarming). 

These children are in most cases hungry and show poor performance at school – grandparents are usually old and well behind with the school curriculum,  while if the children are left with their fathers, most of them are busy earning at least some money or suffering from alcoholism. Unfortunately, these children are usually not looked after, they lack education, lack love and lack food.

Mihail and his team after many prayers, started to offer hot meals for 20 children coming from socially vulnerable families in the villages of Dubovca and Bozieni. They are providing these lunches in the school’s canteen, and are therefore dependent on the school’s programme and can only use it during the school terms. In addition, the canteen is very small while the number of needy children is growing, unfortunately. Given the fact that in Moldova the spring school term ends on 31st of May and then children are on summer holiday until the 1st of September,  the canteen cannot be used after May 2018 and the project will be put on hold.

For the same reason (people going abroad to earn money), the elderly people are left alone and with a miserable retirement pension (FYI: most of the retired people in Moldovan villages are getting a pension that varies between £30 & £60 per month, which is far away from being enough, even for such a ‘cheap’ country like Moldova). The pension allowance can hardly cover the bills and only part of any necessary medications. Mihails team visit the old people, they talk to them and often hear that they had to buy medications and have no money left to buy food, or that they can’t cook because are too old and helpless, are blind, or immobilized or for another sad reason.

Community Centre Kitchen

We are looking for a solution for Mihails team.  We have recently help them buy an old building that is now a community centre.  Building a kitchen within the community centre premises would be a great idea.  Mihail and his team in faith have started to dig a well, because to have a kitchen would need a  connection to running water – now they have to install the pumping system and the aqueduct in order to connect the well with the building. They have also dug a place for the sewerage and plan to install the pipes at the earliest possibility.

The total cost for a fully equipped canteen would be £7,500. Can you help us? Even a small donation added together with lots of other small donations would make such a difference. Thank you.