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Imagine not getting up in the morning and taking a shower….and then the next day….and then the next day. In fact only having a wash when the weather gets warmer and you can go down to the river to wash you and your child. Imagine trying to clean the family clothes in buckets of cold water. Imagine trying to wash your hair and keep clean using the same bucket in the winter.

Pastor Cornel is pledged to help the poorest people in Gherla. Those who cant get work because they smell and their clothes aren’t clean. Whose children are shunned in school for the same reason by other children and teachers alike.

We are building Shower Blocks. These are small buildings with showers, toilets and washing facilites for clothes. The system works by the village being called together and two people being selected to have responsibility for the key in front of everyone. If anyone should not look after the facility they will be stopped from using it. Initially the shower block is free. After a few months then a tiny amount of money is asked of each family eg 1 euro so that people realise it is something to be valued and they have a stake in it.

We have very successfully built two of these shower blocks and we are now seeking funds to build a third shower block. All the people from the village are asked to take part and help with the building of it even the elderly and the children.

Please help us make the basic need to be clean a reality in many families life. This shower block will be used by nearly 300 men, women and children.