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The Harvest has failed!

Thank you so much to everyone that has given to this campaign. Funds raised here plus additional offline fundraising has meant that the final total reached is £8,500 which is incredible. Read about what happened to the funds here
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In addition to the problems caused by the pandemic, the harvest in Moldova is the worst it’s been for 40 years. This is due to the unusually mild, dry winter followed by a summer drought. 108 poor farmers who are supported by Tabita in Dancu are faced with disaster. All their staple crop (wheat, maize and sunflower) have yielded 77% and 95% less than in 2019. It’s a dire situation. The effects of this could be far reaching and not just because of the immediate food shortage for this winter. If farmers have no crops to sell now, they cannot repay the loan they had to buy the seeds in the spring and they do not have money to buy seeds for next spring. The harvest next year has no guarantees either, and so it goes on. Many families have extra mouths to feed and less income as a result of people returning home from working abroad during the pandemic having lost their jobs and with few opportunities at the moment of getting another. We are appealing in order to buy food and seeds for these farmers and their families who are facing crisis through no fault of their own. Please help us to avert a disaster and be able to help families to survive the winter. Any excess funds will be distributed to other families who have been affected by the famine.