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Celebration of Children

Sadly during this time our club for children who are vulnerable and/or have special needs, has had to close.  These are children who can come from really desperate situations, with many factors overshadowing their lives such a families struggle with alcohol and violence or their complete absence year after year as they try to find work abroad and are left with grandparents.  Almost all of them struggle at school and the Emmaus Club bridges the gap as they receive extra lessons and particularly extra love and support. 

With this current situation the Emmaus Club has not been allowed to meet however we have an amazing team who were desperate to visit them and take them a gift on Childrens Day.  Due to the generosity of our supporters we were able to provide enough funds for each family to be visited with wonderful gifts.

Letter of thanks

 Dear Lisa,

And all who are part of the team, people with big souls and with an open heart, eager to bring smiles and light to children’s faces, people who we thank for the dedication and support they have given.

Children are a gift from God for the family and for society and we must cherish and educate them. The 1st June is the International Day for Children and this celebration reminds us, adults, of the responsibility we have for our children because their upbringing must be done with a lot of love and parental care.   Children are our wealth and our future and this is why the more care, attention and affection we invest in them, the happier they will be and their future will be more prosperous.

Children’s day is an opportunity to celebrate childhood, to support children, to prepare them for a healthy, happy and successful future.

Traditionally in Dancu, every year on 1st June we organise a big celebration in the children’s park.  Last year the children could participate in this big and beautiful celebration, with events organised especially for their children’s day, a day full of surprises, gifts and many prizes however, now, this opportunity for fun is limited.  Unfortuantely we were not allowed to organise this celebration this year as usual but thanks to your help we were still able to do some work with the children.

We are therefore sending you this letter of thanks as a sign of appreciation and respect for the way in which you responded to our request and in enabling us to visit the children from the Emaus club.  These weren’t simple visits but again with your help we were able to take with us some gifts for the children which the children received with so much joy.  On behalf of our team we would like to say a huge thank you for all your wonderful support for the Emaus club and for helping us on this day which is very special for the children to surprise them at home and bring a smile to their faces.  With your financial gifts we were able to buy fruit and sweets for the children and for the parents or grandparents we bought washing detergent and washing liquid and shampoo.

Although it was a rainy day we organized ourselves as a team and did these visits with so much joy and emotions.

Arriving at their homes we surprised them like never before.  When we arrived at the homes we asked the children if they knew what day it was and if they were waiting for someone to come and visit them.  Most of the children knew that it was children’s day but not many of them were expecting anyone to visit them on this special day or that they would be given any gifts.    We saw that everyone was so happy, smiling and expressing warmth and positive emotions. 


They were very thankful, happy, full of joy and could not believe that we had visited.  They waited with impatience for us to leave so that they could look in the bags.  It was a really beautiful day and such an exciting thing to experience as a team.  We are sure that this day will remain in their memories for the rest of their lives.  They will remember these moments of joy, full of hope and love.  Thank you very much for helping us so that we could fulfill our dream, without your support this work would not have happened.  May God Bless you for everything you have done and we pray that God will keep you all safe so that you can continue this good work.  Again on behalf of our team, the parents and grandparents, we would like to thank you and wish you all health and peace in your house.

 It is truly a great blessing to be partners and to receive all this support to do this good work in our community.  We continue to pray that God will continue to bless our friendship and partnership.

God Bless You

With lots of love



It was a great joy for me to visit the Emmaus children at home and to see their smiles, emotions and the excitement when they received our gifts which was a really big surprise for them and their parents. They really liked them and it was so overwhelming for us to hear that they couldn’t remember when they had last eaten sweets or fruits. Their parents were so grateful. Even though they work very hard, they can’t afford to buy their children these things even for special days like children’s day. Some of the parents phoned me later, after we had finished making these visits, to thank us again. It really meant so much to them and I am really happy and encouraged that with your help we were able to do these visits. – Ala Iacob (Emmaus club teacher)


As I left home in the morning to go to work I had tears in my eyes because life has its surprises and so often we have different trials and difficulties in our daily lives. I thank the Lord with all my heart for how He lifted me up when I visited these lovely children at home. My tears have changed into great joy after seeing the lovely faces of all the children from the Emmaus Club. They are so special and how wonderful that we had this opportunity to make such a huge difference in their lives. God is so Good! Thank you all at Link to Hope, for helping us to love and share care for the children in our community. Inga Iacob (Emmaus Club teacher)