Link to Hope


This is how Link to Hope works with project managers on the ground in order to help people who are in the direst of circumstances.  This is written by Mihai, our project manager in Bozieni, Moldova.

“In the village of Bozieni, Hincesti district, lives a young man named Constantin who is 28 years old. He is a socially vulnerable person. At the moment, he lives every day, alone, in his parents home. His parents died many years ago, he has an older brother, but due to a crime he is now deprived of liberty and is in prison. The young Constantin is in the records of doctors, as a small child and has a first degree of disability. Even though he is 28 years old, at first sight he looks like a child, who has forms of mental disorders. He is of medium height, he speaks with difficulty, but you can have a discussion with him. He cannot work because of the diagnosis, but also because his fingers did not develop properly.

The house where he now lives is old and old, in a deplorable condition, hard to imagine for some of us. It has no entrance door, the windows are old and broken, the furniture has only an old and worn bed and a closet that is also old. It does not have a bathroom in the house, to satisfy its physical hygiene needs. It has no kitchen equipped with the necessary things, even a table, dishes and cutlery, all missing.

Lately, with the help of the “Pro Comunitate Hîncești” Foundation and the Bozieni town hall, we were able to build a stove inside the house where the young Constantin will be able to make wood fires in the winter and heat himself. And I repaired a floor, which was leveled with concrete. Also with a team I organized and went to visit him, I cleaned and I covered his bed with clean blankets. But his needs do not end here, the house still needs a lot of repairs, to be equipped with the necessary things for this young man to lead a decent life like each of us. Starting from the repair of the house both inside and outside (doors, windows, exterior insulation of the house, interior walls) as well as better furniture, kitchen, dishes, stove. But also clothes and shoes for the hot and cold season of the year. He would also need wood to have something to do with the fire in the cold season of the year.

Needs that remain to be realized in the near future are:
– Insulation of the House on the outside: 300 GBP
– Windows 4 * 80 = 320 GBP
– Doors 3 * 100 = 300 GBP
– Total: 920GBP

These are urgent needs until the cold period of the year comes.  There are other expenses are secondary and we can try to find extra support next year.
There are many requirement to make this young man’s life easier.

We are very sorry for the situation in which he came to live, that he lives alone and has no one. We believe that first of all he needs a family to visit him, to offer him communication, affection, care. Because he is a person with special needs who needs to receive more care, love, attention, communication. God loves everyone, regardless of social status, and wants us to show the love of Jesus Christ through our deeds and actions.

Through the generosity of our supporters Link to Hope was able to send £920 to help pay for the repairs on the house that Constantin lives in.  There will be a need for further funds early next year but for the moment Constantin has been found and is finally being looked after thanks to Mihai and his team.