Link to Hope

Join Club Link and help change lives today

We plan for our projects spends and raise funds to meet those.  However there are times when you need to be able to act quickly to meet a need that arises and you need funds to be able to do that.

By joining Club Link you enable us to expand and develop projects to further improve and rebuild even more lives and communities as well as being able to respond to emergencies as they arise. This is why we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider becoming a member of Club Link and donate just £5 a month to help make a difference to hundreds of people lives across Eastern Europe.

Alicia was virtually blind, bed ridden and being looked after by her husband who had Parkinsons. Her lack of mobility meant that often she wasn’t able to make it to the outside toilet in time and she was living in her own filth with few visitors who could stand the smell. Supporters brought her some new bed clothes, a pillow and some blankets. However the old bed was full of fleas and lice and other terrible things. In just a few minutes the bugs were everywhere. The old bed was very infected and needed to be burnt quickly.

Link to Hope was immediately able to send funds out of Club Link to buy a good second hand bed and plastic mattress .  Alicia was then able to lie on a clean bed with clean sheets.


This man had, had a stroke and was being looked after by his aged mother.  There was no food in the house, no medicine and the man was lying on a thin mattress with little bedding in great pain.

Link to Hope were able to help the man and buy a new mattress, bed, covers, fix his stove and get him to a hospital where he narrowly escaped losing his leg from gangrene.

What your money can buy

Your £5 a month will make a huge difference to people lives, across all of our projects for such things as

  • Food for the poorest and most disadvantaged
  • Medical and dental aid
  • Social care programmes
  • Education and training to help people break out of their cycle of proverty
  • Wood for winter fuel
  • Emergency situations that may arise.

Please do consider joining Club Link.  £5 a month may be very little in our country but can go a powerfully long way in the countries we support in Eastern Europe.