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This is an update on what is currently happening with some of our projects:-

The Future Changed Project in Iasi, Romania have re-opened its doors.  Clearly many families do not have formal jobs so there income has been non-existent during this time.  We have been providing food parcels to them to get through this time. However the kindergarten, homework club and parents school have been allowed to re-open.

Message from Mirela from Future Changed

We are extremely busy with opening the project again. We started working but from the week before we had controls by the authorities and I had to do a LOT of papers for different institutions and still have to do a LOT.

We had to change the work schedule with children. Now we have to work with small groups (4-5 children) only for two and a half hours. After that for half an hour we have to disinfect everything in Kindergarten and then to receive the next groups. This will be for the next two months. We don’t know yet how we will be able to work starting with September. Unfortunately for such a short time with children we will not have lessons as we used to have. We will work only on math and language especially with the children that will start school in September.

There are also many other hygiene rules that we have to follow. Before every child enter the Kindergarten we have to take temperature (we had to buy a thermometer) and to write it down in a register. If it is over 37.3 the child is not allowed in the Kindergarten.  The same procedure also for every employee. The employees and older children have to wear mask. Those under five years old don’t. We have to have disinfectant solution and to give masks to everyone that enter in the building”


Future Changed Kindergarten July 2020


Update on Bozieni and Dubovca, Moldova

Mihai and his team have done an amazing job.  We have financed food parcels to be given out to families in and around the villages.  We have received so many amazing photos and helping people that were just not expecting it.  Here is Mihai latest e-mail to us:-

I want to describe a little of our activity from last month and to share some plans for next month.With your help we managed to visit 40 families from Bozieni and 20 families from Dubovca.I was moved by a family with four children living alone with their mother because their father died of cancer. The children ran through the yard in bare skin in order not to get their clothes dirty because their mother no longer has money to buy washing powder and she doesn’t have a washing machine, she washes 4 children with her hands.I couldn’t stay there long because my heart was breaking in pain. That’s why we thought that if the Lord gives us the opportunity to make food packages, we will necessarily include in these packages detergents and laundry powder.

Of course I pray for this family and I ask God to give us the opportunity to buy them a washing machine.We remain very grateful for all the help we have received so far from you and we remain praying that God will help you in the beautiful things you do.You are a ray of hope for many discouraged souls.and please pray for us to continue to be more involved in the lives of people in need in these difficult times

Through your help we will be looking to buy a washing machine for this family and include detergent with the next lot of food parcels that go out.  Here are some of the other families and children who received food parcels.  They have all received educational items and best of all…. sweets!

Way of Love, Odessa – Ukraine

As predicted the hardest hit have been the Roma community that Max works with near Odessa in the Ukraine.  Schools who have long struggled with having Roma mixing with the other children now have been given the perfect excuse to exclude these children based on the fact that they do not have electronic items eg smart phones, Zoom, internet etc.  They therefore cannot ‘join in’

This means that after many years of hard work by Max and his team to get the children in to school, they are now out of school and at risk of abuse and trafficking as well as falling even further behind their wealthier peers.  The are also being forced onto the streets to beg by desperate relatives who have no other source of income.

Max runs a summer camp for the children every August and this year instead of it being all games and sports he is going to include extra lessons and support for those that have been missing out.  He plans to run a summer school so that the children have some chance of catching up once they are able to return.

If anyone is able to help donate to this summer school then we would love to hear from you.

Once again thank you so much to everyone that has been supporting Link to Hope and its work during this crisis.  We really do appreciate it.