Link to Hope

Fleeing Ukraine

The situation is changing by the hour in the Ukraine so we are only able to give you news that we are aware of when we write this piece.  As of this morning (Friday 25th Feb) many people are trying to get out of the Ukraine.  The nearest borders for some are Romania and Moldova.  However the Christian world is amazing and our brothers and sisters in Moldova and Romania are going to the borders and picking people up and taking them into their homes.  All people, not just fellow believers.  Link to Hope has several community centers that are now going to house people fleeing from the conflict.  One of our project managers in Romania only this afternoon had agreed to take the joint Ukrainian project manager if they can get to the border and has already set up a family for them to stay with.  They have never met before.

We are both deeply disturbed by texts and emails we are receiving from the East of the country where other project managers are stuck and have no means of escaping the situation.   They are now turning towards helping others in need and making the maximum use of what they have.  Last year a camp was sponsored in the summer for children and those mattresses are now going to be used for refugees to sleep on.  There are millions of people on the move and our translator who previously had no intention of leaving, had a bomb drop two streets away from her house last night.  She left this morning with her two small children who were being sick because they were so scared.  

*** LATEST NEWS – We just received an e-mail from a project manager in Moldova.  He has just been contacted by the Mayor who has asked him if he can help feed 20 Ukrainian refugees who will be placed in his village and they have asked him to make available his people and the canteen, but he does not have enough financial resources to be able to fully help.  They need £1,000 ***

Please pray for a resolution to this situation and we along with Door of Hope are doing everything we can to helpIf you feel you can donate then please do.