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While delivering your shoeboxes in Gherla, Romania we came across a community on the outside of town.  Its called the Kandia area and there lives a tribe called the ” Fishermen ” zone.  It is tucked away between the prison and the cemetery

There are over 100 children’s and about 300 adults peoples in the village. When we arrived with shoeboxes lots of people came out to greet up.  We gave out some baby clothing as well and as we stood there in our warm jackets we were aware of the thin, dirty clothing that many of the people were wearing.  Also the very poor housing that people were living in, quite derelict in places.

Our minds turned to another village that we had visited two years previously who had begged Pastor Cornel to bring water and washing facilites to their village.  Link to Hope through its supporters had managed to build such a block with showers, toilets and a washing machine for clothes.

This fishermans village seemed the ideal place to start Shower Block No 2 and to that end work has begun.  Everyone is involved even the elderly and children are moving pipes and helping the workmen. The digger has arrived, the pipes have been laid and we look forward to what happens next.  If you would like to donate them please do so here.









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