Link to Hope

Link to Hope is still open and helping

Hello everyone. Our 6 Link to Hope charity shops have had to close so the charity officially has no income except for some sponsorships and lovely people that send us cheques every so often. We are still supporting many of our projects in Eastern Europe only the educational projects have stopped due to the lock down.  So we still have most of the costs that we had before but without the revenue. However on the positive side WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS. So some practical requests:-

SHOEBOX APPEAL 2021– Please keep planning to do them. When this is over we still need your shoeboxes full of lovely gifts to send out to our very hard hit projects. Oh and Bags of Education as well. Imagine the UK situation but with no electricity, heating, wood or healthcare!!  To get some craft ideas for your shoeboxes while everyone is in lockdown we now have a Shoebox Craft page that is being updated regularly. We also have a page called Shoebox Resources.

DONATIONS – If you currently give to us in any way (and only if you are still able to of course) then please try not to stop. We are desperate to survive this and somehow to continue to support our projects and if people stop supporting us it isn’t going to happen.

If you would like to donate to help us through this difficult time we would be very grateful –

If you are Future Changed sponsor we are having to continue to pay costs so please do not stop your sponsorship at this time and continue if you are able to.

Club Link Supporters – your funding is very much needed as we have received many emergency requests for our projects overseas who have been hit very hard by this situation.  If you are not currently a Club Link Supporters please

JOIN NOW for £5 a month

PRAY/THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS – We could do with all the help we can get here.  We will be keeping in touch and updating you so do interact with us if you would like to.

Love to you all. We will SURVIVE (in the words of the lovely Gloria Gaynor), SHOEBOXES/BAGS OF EDUCATION ARE HAPPENING and all will be well with the world eventually.

Keep safe, keep well and look after yourselves

Love Wendy & Lisa