Lost & Found

Cluj, Romania

The Lost & Found project has been set up by Pastor Cornel Fedor and supported by Link to Hope. His aim was to start a project when he saw how many people felt lost in this modern world and very individual society and how hopeless and desperate they felt.

“Through the Lost & Found projects we give them help and assistance, we guide them and help them to find themselves in this world. We spend hundreds of hours on the road, talking, making papers, going to different hospitals, filling out papers and all requirement for contracts and completing forms.

We believe and we know this is vital because we did see that the enormous help we have given to so many and peoples in this year have helped them.

We have a list of over 48 cases that we have helped in this time.

Thank you so much and we want to tell you we really want to carry on with this project

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Rebeca finished only 8 classes, we motivated, encouraged and spend a lot of time with her and her family to fill out all the forms and make all the papers needed to keep go to school. She is the first ever girl who go to high school from that area.

Maria Coste

We are working with Maria Coste, a very nice old lady.  Maria was born in 03 December 1920, and for many years she didn’t know how to pay the bills, go to doctors and go somewhere to pay taxes etc. Now  she is 97 years old she lives by herself. She is a widow and has been single from 39 years ago.  Last time when Maria went out from her house and front yard was 16 years ago except to go to 2 or 3 house around, or out from village or to some shop etc.

We try to explained to her all the political changes, money changes, technology and cell phones … She is totally lost in this world. She can’t handle this. We spend a lot of time around her and your project is a big big help for her.

Daniel & family

Another situation is Daniel family. He is single, his wife left him and their child Ionan when she was four years old.  He has single handedly raised Ioana with is in the 3rd grade and 9 years old. Daniel had never left Gherla. However he had to Cluj for an appointment with the Psychiatric doctor for Ioana’s depression. He asked us for help saying that he can’t manage the situation of going to Cluj. I was with him and spend days making papers and visit many doctors.  Daniel was extremely grateful for the help.


Boby is another person who never left Gherla. Due to the fact that he was born with some problems, no-one took him to the doctors and he never had a chance of going to school.

With the charities help he was able to visit a doctor in Cluj and for the first time and he now has an ID card, has had an investigation by the doctor and some treatment. Now at 21 years old he have a chance to be integrated a little bit into normal life.  When he went to Cluj he was so surprised to see there were so many buildings and many cars in a big city like Cluj.  He was worried we might get lost and not know our way back to Gherla. He and his parents is so thankful for our foundation help.