Link to Hope

Piglets & Geese

Berezovka in the Ukraine near Odessa is the village where Link to Hope is trying to 50 children birth certificates through the I AM Appeal.  A few years ago we bought a derelict old house in the middle of the village but only did the basics as there was no Christian family to live near by and look after it.  Well the Volodya family has been found and have moved by faith into the village to a house opposite the centre.  They are trying to produce an income to support the house and themselves and we have been in a discussion of how we can help them.  In the meantime the family have been going around the village making relationships with people, drinking lots of tea and trying to reach out to people who are most in need to see if they can be the answer to prayers.

Max wrote to Link to Hope to tell us that the family wanted to buy two special pigs and some geese that they could breed in order to provide an small income.  On top of this they needed wood to heat the village house house and also their own families home. They needed £1,000.

On the same day an e-mail arrived from a very committed supporter who said they were sending us £1,000 from various fundraising activities they had done recently and wanted the funds to go somewhere where it would be most needed!!!  Perfect timing.  Everyone is delighted and Vladimar is off to buy more pigs and geese and who knows where that might lead.