Link to Hope

A wonderful Moldovan couple called Ruvim and Pasha have given their lives to serve the poor.  From the proceeds of one of Link to Hope’s challenge events in 2008 we were able to build a canteen for the people of Cosnita.  Ruvim and Pasha work tirelessly to serve food to 50-100 people a day 365 days a year.  Link to Hope continues to support the project by providing monthly finance for the two cooks that are employed.  A third lady walks around the entire village on a daily basis hand delivering food to the elderly, blind and disabled that are unable to leave their homes.  When we went out to visit recently we went and helped deliver the food to people and it was distressing to see so many people living in such dire circumstances.

Ruvim and Pasha are determined to be as self sufficient as possible and give the best food they can to the people that come to the canteen.  To that end they have established a chicken farm and are now also farming rabbits to be able to give meat and protein to the villagers.

An amazing couple who we are delighted to support and work with.