Link to Hope

A few years ago we gave your shoeboxes out in the village of Bozieni, Moldova and through this met Mihail who has a big heart for the people of that village and the village of Dubovca. He has been undertaking some childrens work in the local school but he wanted to do so much more.  When we gave out the shoeboxes he also became more aware of the elderly people who were struggling in their houses all alone.  Through generous supporters we were able to help purchase derelict premises in the village and Mihail and his team and turned it into a community centre.  They now outreach into the local community, they have youth groups, a limited feeding programme, celebrations and even a small church has been started up that meets at the centre.

Their long term dream is for a new kitchen to be able to have an Inn of Love feeding the elderly and vulnerable children in the two villages.  However a new kitchen can’t be installed until the place is water tight and that was definitely not affordable.  However now through joint funding between Link to Hope and OM (Operation Mobilisation) in Holland they are replacing the roof so they have accommodation and so the roof will be water tight.

Here is part of the latest e-mail from Mihail about what is happening and some photos.
“Greetings from our small congregation in Bozieni. Today it is a very exciting day for us because we started the work on the roof. Well, as you can see on the photos the work we started today is not up on the roof but is on the ground because the inspection requires reinforcement. It will take a few days to make 15 wooden forms and filling with concrete. I am so encouraged and would like to thank you for your prayers because I really see God’s hands upon this work”

Since the email was received part of the roof they thought was good has collapsed. Please do keep them in your prayers as they are somewhat demoralised at the moment.