Link to Hope

The Farm of Hope is based in Iasi, Romania and is one of the longest running projects that we support.

The original concept was to have a property outside of the main town where boys that had left the orphanages and were sleeping rough in railway stations and living underground could come and find a home. When a young person becomes 18 they have to leave the place where they have lived all their lives and stand on their own two feet. Very few have any relations and if they do they are generally of little support. The Farm of Hope is a place that boys hear about and are encouraged to come to and seek help, sanctuary, food, warmth, love and a place to belong. In return they work on the Farm and learn valuable skills in agriculture and building to enable them to have a trade for when they eventually move on from the Farm.

As boys leave, new ones arrive and there is generally a core of around 6-8 boys and young men at any one time. We do seek sponsorship for boys who come and live on the Farm of £25 a month to help with their daily living and support. If you are interested in learning more about this then please contact us.