Link to Hope
Project Inn of Love 2
Where Pervomaiscoe, Moldova
Who Vulnerable and elderly people aged 65-100 yrs old
What is it A programme that delivers life saving food to elderly people in the surrounding village three times a week.  Also the provision of a kitchen where some who are able can come and eat together and socialise.
Impact Impacted directly – 45 people  Impacted indirectly – 100-150 people

We are delighted that we are starting a new project with the village of Pervomaiscoe.  This village is 20 mins drive away from the main village we have been supporting in Moldova which is Dancu.  The team is led by Pastor John and he has a great team behind him.  Ten years ago they had a vision that there would be a church in their village but they only had £15 between them.  Ten years later we were welcomed to a lovely new church ready to serve the community.

They have a burden to help the 40 or so elderly and disabled people in their community and have long been an admirer of the Inn of Love that we set up in Dancu a number of years ago.  They want to reach out and help those in their village who are the poorest and most marginalised and Link to Hope wants to help.

After finishing off the kitchen area the team will be able to get all the things they need like table, chairs, cutlery, cookers, fridges, food containers etc.  They can then begin delivering food to peoples houses and bringing people to the canteen to eat.

The latest news is:-

I am so happy to share with you what was done with your financial help towards finishing the church inside construction so that we can start the feeding program and off course other activities as well.

  1. we have finished the sewerage. According to the laws here this is very important to have at any buildings where it is about giving a meal. So we have made quite a big concrete hall and brought a pipe in to our kitchen which will be connected to the stainless steel washing sink.
  2. we have finished the electricity work in the kitchen which includes lighting and sockets for everything we will need.
  3. We have tiled the kitchen floor and the walls as well.
  4. We have bought a water pump and connected the water from our well up to the kitchen.
  5. we have also ordered the kitchen cabinets and it will be ready withing 3-4 days so this means that when this arrives our kitchen will be ready to be used.

I feel so excited and I am so grateful for ‘brother’ Iurie who is doing such a wonderful work and can’t wait to see everything finished and the project start up. As i told in another email that Iurie is married and has a family to look after and he is trying to find work not to far from the village so that he can be with the family. He is a very qualified man and i want to encourage him to stay in the village too  but this is not so easy specifically when he can’t find any work in the village and his family needs help. I was so encouraged when he has committed to do this work even though he had another offer somewhere not too far and i really hope that he will finish the work here before he starts another work somewhere else.

God bless you dear Lisa and please pass on my greetings to all the trustees.

Pastor John

Link to Hope Inn of Love 2 Link to Hope Inn of Love 2