Link to Hope

Due to the terrible situation in the Ukraine at the moment Alex and Zina have had to move and go and live in Zaporozhye.  They are setting up a new rehabilitation centre there working with alcoholics and drug addicts. They are also doing vital work there giving aid, food and clothing to those in need affected by the war.  This is the latest news from them:

“We moved from Mariupol to the city of Zaporozhye. The ministry we had, we had to give to other people. We both and whole our team arrived in Zaporozhye and began their ministry here, as missionaries.  We are renting a house and all stay together. Yesterday  we have opened the church. It is name “the Church of Christ the Savior”. It is a great joy for all of us. Rejoice with us. Alex is the pastor of the church. We don’t leave our ministry for our projects in the occupied territories. Next week I am going to Yenakiyevo. At the moment  I collect what I will take there. We partner with Maksim  who is from Odessa. He sent one big parcel with hygiene products and promised to send more. It is a great blessing for people from war zones because many live in unsanitary conditions. Also I collect clothes, shoes and of course the products that I can carry. I have to wear the food with a backpack, with bags without any car again from the border long distance. I wear as much as can lift. The most important thing is the military on the border would let me pass.  The attacks have been increased again. I’m afraid, but trust in God.

In Zaporozhye we plan to make not only the Church but also the rehabilitation centre for addicted people plus I wish continue to have ministry for mothers and children.  We have  a lot of plans. It is just the beginning, but we are blessed. We arrived in Zaporizhia listening the Word of God. He said to do it and we have done it.  God knows how we will live here and what can we expect next. We really experience the presence of God in everything we do and God blesses us. We have no any beds yet but there is a God that cares about us and leads us. I believe that God has prepared for us a great plan and my heart is rejoicing watching His Greatness. We are now basking in His love the same experience when I first got know Him.  We need the prayers for supporting.

Love you very much. I pray for you every day and thank God that made us know each other”


Alex and Zina started the work at the rehabilitation centre approximately 13 yrs ago.

Both had been drug addicts.After a life change, they became Christians. A decision was then made to open a drug rehabilitation centre.

The centre was situated in a small village. They started by purchasing one of the houses which had to be completely renovated.Gradually, over the years, more houses were purchased. Today there are 8 houses throughout this village, all the houses have large gardens where they grow vegetables and keep live stock.

They looked after people who were drop outs in society, victims who have addictions to alcohol and drugs. Quite often the police and local government would recommend people to them.

The houses are equally divided between male and female.

People were able to come off drugs with only the help and prayers of Alex and Zina.

The last few years they have developed their work into the area of helping parents and children with HIV and AIDS. Sadly a considerable amount of these children are abandoned by their mothers. Adoption is arranged for children who are fortunate enough to survive .

The government will give some help in the form of medication to the victims of HIV and AIDS but many times it is far too complex for people to know how to get this. Alex and Zina are able to facilitate this.