Link to Hope

We deliver shoeboxes to many villages each year but one village in particular stuck in the minds of Milly Johnson and John Lelliott.  It was the utter hopelessness on the people faces of Dubovca and the complete suprise that anyone would remember them let alone come with a brightly coloured gift.

Milly really had a vision to go back to Dubovca and help the people there by cleaning and painting their houses and hugging them.  In July 2017 she is going to do just that with a team of people from the UK.  In the meantime and staff and trustees of Link to Hope decided to visit Dubovca to see what it was like and met with Mihail who is trying to regularly bring hope to the village.  He has set up Taekwondo classes for the young people, english classes, Sunday school classes for the young children and to reaches out a hand of friendship to the elderly.

Link to Hope have come alongside Mihail and his team and are supporting him in his work.  Mihail drives one and a half hours down from Chisinau four times a week just to continue the work.  He has been doing this for two years and has been using his resources and trusting that someone would come and help him.  Link to Hope are delighted to do just that.