Link to Hope

Dancu Tabita is a Christian Charity and relief organization committed to fulfilling the command Jesus Christ gave: to care for and empower the poor and oppressed (Matthew 25:31-46). Since 2002 when Tabita was founded we had the privilege to share the love of Christ to many poor and despair people who are living in a very remote village called Dancu but also many other villages around us. We are well aware that we are given to each other to bless each other. We are therefore very grateful to Link to Hope and all its supporters, for their involvement and their willingness to commit themselves by sharing so much love and generosity to the poorest of the poor in our country Moldova. It is a great joy and a huge encouragement for us to have such a wonderful partnership with Link to Hope who has been always so close to so many people who are living in great needs.

We are delighted to give you some encouraging updates on the Inn of love project. I would like to start by thanking Link to Hope and all its supporters for your commitment to help us serving elderly people from Dancu and Cioara since 2009 and with your continue financial support we are able to give a hope to at least 60 elderly  who live lonely and very poor. By this letter I would specifically refer to some changes we have made on this project which brought so much encouragement to our team from the very first day.

New team –  Apart of Vadim Talmaci who has been involved here from the beginning of this project everybody else is new on the team but this is not because other people didn’t want to continue but because of some family issues  and Julia got retired.

Ana Iacob (left picture below)  – a sister from our church who lives in Cioara and who has been working for many years as a chef and is very happy that now she can cook for elderly people. She understands the hard life of the elderly people as she has gone through many difficulties in her life and it is not possible to describe the joy she feels now that she is able to help those who live in great needs.

Elena Unciulenco (right picture below)- became a Christian last year and has a big passion on her heart to help elderly people. Life is very hard for Elena because her husband works occasionally and she has been very despair trying to find a job. Since she became a Christian she has been working in our church cleaning the church building for 20 pounds per month. Despite all the problems she has at home, she is always smiling and living with hope and was greatly encouraged when we invited her to get involved on this project.

Vadim Balcan (middle picture) – together with his wife Ina and their two children living in Cioara village. Vadim is a very kind person but because of some special needs he has it was always a problem for him to find a job. Vadim has helped on this project few times in the past delivering meals to the elderly and when we invited him to the Inn of love project he was so happy and greatly encouraged.


Prayer and fellowship – We have started our day by having a wonderful fellowship together; looking in God’s word Ps 126 and then we committed everything to our almighty God. In our prayers we thanked God for all people whom we know and don’t know but we know that many are part of this wonderful ministry by their prayers and very kind generosity, encouraging and supporting us to serve these lovely people and to bring so much hope where there is so much hopeless.

As a pastor I have encouraged the whole team who are serving with so much love and dedication as i know that they all have their many difficulties and challenges.

New location – Thank God for Link to Hope for so much support towards buying and building a very
good community center and making wonderful facilities which is used very much for many activities and begging with this year it will also be used for the Inn of love project. Everybody was so happy to come here, to enjoy the good facilities including indoor toilets and to walk only 3 small stairs instead of 35 big ones at the church which was so hard for them. It is also a very good opportunity for Tania and Veronica both Tabita workers to help and speak with these people as they are so passionate to help these people.


New minibus – Words cannot be described the joy of those old people who have the privilege now to be transported by a very nice and comfortable 21 seats minibus which was bought again with the big financial help from Link to Hope. It gives a wonderful opportunity to all those who couldn’t finically walk to our luncheon and now they have this possibility to come together with others and to have not just a warm lunch but a very good fellowship.

Vadim who has been delivering meals to most of these people since the project started was greatly encouraged to see all those whom he always found home very sad and lonely, today being so different with joy and hope. When we made the list of those who needed to be transported to the luncheon there were 30 people who wanted to come. However today we had 10 people who came and we couldn’t find out yet why the others didn’t come but we will do our best to remove all barriers which could keep some of them living in lonely. As we started the day with the encouragement from Psalm 126 that those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.  From our experience we can say that it is not an easy ministry to serve these people but what really motivates us is the love in our hearts we have for these people.

New atmosphere, good fellowship and wonderful friendship –As Christians we want to offer help to all the elderly people who have such a hard life and staying lonely in their houses. Thank you very much dear Lisa and all who are part of the Link to Hope support towards the ministries we do here to help different people. It is hard to describe how you feel in your heart when you see these people having this meal together when you know that they have nothing. In my message to those who came yesterday I shared a bible verse from Ps. 145 The eyes of all look to you and you give them their food at the proper time. I have encouraged them to thank God everyday for He is taking care for everybody and He continues to do this through the people who have the love of God in their hearts.

As i said above that the opportunity of bringing more people together creates a good fellowship and helps them to forget of their many problems. It is wonderful that we can offer them not just material help (food) but also emotional help and encourage them to live with hope.

We would like also to mention that those people whom we deliver food at their homes were so encouraged yesterday that we can continue with this help providing what they really need. Everybody was saying thanks, thanks and they always ask us to pass on their many thanks to everybody who are thinking of them and continue to help at this very critical time.

On behalf of Tabita team and our church we would like sincere thank Link to Hope and all its supporters for all your very kind support and great encouragement to so many people here. This is a fantastic help that we would like to see and pray for Gods continue help.

Once again thank you for all you are doing and may the almighty God bless you abundantly and encourage you in everything you do.

Buraga Eugenia is a person with severe disability. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1971. From her own words, she said that she lived her life full of pain, with countless chemotherapies and others illnesses they discovered during this time. He husband died in 1995 and she lives alone for 23 years now and her 2 sons are visiting her not very often, because they left the village since they were very young and now „they have their own families and their own problems”, she said. „I don’t know how God keeps me on this earth because I can work using only my right hand, my left one is of no use anymore. These 3 days of the week when the food is brought to me, are the brightest for me, because it is very important for a sick person as I am to get already prepared and warm food. May God grant you with good health until the end of your days.

Jianu Maria is 88 years old, she lives alone, and she has never been married and has no children. She is the only one alive from all her family; she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. She has a very poor health, because she has problems with her colon spine. „ Sometimes I feel so sick that I cannot go outside the house. However, when the door opens and they bring the food to me I feel that I am not alone in this world. It is very difficult when you grow old ns you have no one” she told us this, having tears in her eyes, and she thanked for the kindness and generosity of all the people who are giving to bring joy and comfort to some people, who often have nothing else to do than to stare at one point the whole day.