Link to Hope


Project Works Skill and Job Training
Where Gherla, Romania
Who People that have dropped out of school early, who do not have the minimum knowledge about working in construction, have no exams, low literacy
What is it? To up skill individuals who want to work to support their families.  To learn basic skills to enable them to go and work on construction sites or to take on small jobs that are offered to them.  To help them learn the ABC of construction work as well as .
Impact Directly Impacted – 10+ people,  Indirectly impacts – 50+ people


Pastor Cornel Fedor works with the poor communities of Gherla. He is very aware, looking around that many young men and women can’t get a job because they have no qualifications and no work experience.  The project that Link to Hope supports teaches them basic works skills and importantly some basic work protection to keep them safe..

Cornel has approached people he knows, to ask them if there are projects it would be possible to bring the young peoples to so they can practice their skills.  We ask the owners to let them practice and the qualified workers explain to them what they are doing and how they can do it.

The work at the moment mainly in construction and they are learning to cut and join together wood and metals by welding.

Just one example is Ciprian who wanted to learn about construction so underwent training. Now Ciprian has developed his skills and he learnt to lay tiles and even a metal roof with assistance. Ciprian has gained a lot of enthusiasm, knowledge and experience during the time he has spent in the Work Skills programme and now several other local businesses have asked Ciprian  to come and work for them.  This has given him confidence and much more assurance in his abilities. It also means, more importantly that he now has the ability to provide for his family.











Samuel is a young man of 17 years old, who had only had two years of education. His family sent him to first and second class and after that they didn’t send him again. He doesn’t know how to read and write very well but he does want to learn to work.

Mihai is married to Maria wife who is mute and deaf and they have 3 children.  Mihai never went to school at all and doesn’t even know how to write his name.  He has been trained in work skills and has been given a chance to practice his new skills on many different projects.

The people this project benefits are so happy and are so grateful that people want to spend time, effort and energy to give them the tools and place to learn and practice.