Link to Hope

There are two types of Shoebox appeal that you can take part in – The Family Shoebox Appeal and the Elderly Shoebox Appeal – although only one leaflet.

Regardless of which appeal you join in with please follow our simple Shoebox Guide so that you can fill your box full of smiles. The Shoebox contents are very similar apart from some of the gifts inside are different – see our suggested contents list for each appeal below. NB The leaflet is different this year and is A5 size.



Step 1 – Firstly register to join in the appeal here and fill in your details. Your leaflets and posters will be sent out to you.

Step 2 – Download your Family & Elderly Shoebox Appeal form here if you want to.

Step 3 – Follow the instructions and pack the Shoebox with gifts. Stuck for ideas? See our suggestions here.

Step 4 – Fill in the Gift Aid part of the form if you are a tax payer.  The government gives us an extra 25p for every £1 you donate absolutely free.

Step 5 – Seal and gift-wrap your shoebox, attaching the completed contents form to the outside. It is really important to remember to tape £2 (or two £1 coins) to the outside of the form. This helps pay for transportation costs of the shoeboxes to Eastern Europe.

Step 6 – Deliver your Shoebox to an Area Receiver, or we will pick them up if there are more than 80 boxes.Click here for your nearest Area Receiver remembering if there appears to be no-one near you then just contact us and we can help you.


FAMILY SHOEBOX – Ideas for filling your Shoebox

NB PLEASE DON’T PUT IN CLOTHING OTHER THAN A HAT/GLOVES/SCARF/SOCKS/TIGHTS.  Especially not knitted jumpers or clothing items for under 3 year olds













N.B Handmade knitted toys are very welcome but are not to be put inside the Shoeboxes – please take them along to your Area Collector/Group Organiser when you take your Shoeboxes.

ELDERLY SHOEBOX – Ideas for filling your Shoeboxes


Customs regulations

Customs regulations mean there are certain items which cannot be included in your Shoeboxes. So please take care not to include any of these things as Link to Hope could be fined or your boxes impounded.

NO medicines or medical products
NO money
NO tinned food
NO perfume
NO coffee, tea or alcohol
NO out of date items
NO books or literature