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Resources to help promote and support the Link to Hope Family & Elderly Shoebox Appeal 2020


Below you will the following resources for you to use and download:-

 – Shoebox Family & Elderly Leaflet & Posters

–  Shoebox Gift ideas Calender

 – School Assembly Presentations 

 – Church Service Plan

 – Shoebox DVD 2019/2020

 – Bring & Box Party Posters & Banners

 – £10 Shoebox Suggestion Poster


SHOEBOX FAMILY & ELDERLY LEAFLET  – NB Please register with us and we will send your leaflets out to you. This is very important and is so we can plan our  logisitics properly,  Please do not use last years leaflet as it has changed. We would rather send you the original leaflets if at all possible.   




SHOEBOX YEAR ROUND CALENDER  – For all year round suggestions on what to put in your shoebox please download our Link to Hope Family & Elderly Shoebox Calendar.  This will also hope you plan your purchases and spread the cost of the appeal.     








We welcome schools and churches getting involved in the Family & Elderly Shoebox Appeal.  As we are a very small team we can’t go all over the country doing presentations as much as we would like too.  Therefore we have put together a series of presentations that we hope will engage your students and congregations in the Shoebox Appeal and help them understand what their shoeboxes is helping to achieve, which is to show love to some of the poorest people in Eastern Europe.

Assembly Ideas

Ball of wool presentation  – Notes for Assembly

Ball of wool presentation pp  – Powerpoint Presentation (to go with the Notes)

Christmas gift list presentation – Notes for Assembly

I am thankful presentation – Notes for Assembly

I am thankful presentation pp – Powerpoint presentation (to go with the Notes)


Church Service Plan

Suggested outline  Service Plan for Shoebox Launch

Some of the assembly ideas above may be very useful when holding a youth service for shoeboxes.


SHOEBOX DVD 2019/2020




We are anxious to make sure that making a shoebox is a joy and not a (financial) burden.  We would highly recommend getting together a group of people/friends/colleagues/family members and having a Bring & Box Party.  Each person brings in an item for the shoebox and one person brings in the £3 to cover the transport etc.  Then you can buy different items in the run up to the appeal and then the financial expenditure is not so great.  Here are a few resources that will help you organise your Bring & Box party.

Bring & Box Party Invite Poster
Bring & Box Party Invite Poster

Bring & Box Bunting Flag
Bring & Box Bunting Flag

Bring & Box Party Facebook Posting
Bring & Box Party Facebook Posting

Bring & Box Facebook Banner
Bring & Box Facebook Banner



We have put together a list of how to put together a shoebox for £10.  It does require quite a lot of bargain hunting and having to be super nice to your local knitting group who we have found will gladly knit items for peoples shoeboxes like hats, gloves and scarves.  If you tell them what you want it for and perhaps buy a couple of balls of wool then it will save you a great deal of money that buying new items in the shops.   Also cuddly toys can be bought for a very small amount at charity shops.  All they need to be is very clean, be in really good conditions and have a CE label on them.  Please bear in mind these are only suggestions and prices go up as well as down.