Link to Hope

When we started the Shoebox Appeal in 1991 it was £1 a shoebox

In 2000 we increased it to £2 a shoebox

In 2019 we decided to increase it to £3 a shoebox.

Where to begin? Difficult to believe but Shoeboxes is a year round task with year round costs.  We are still a small organisation – still just Wendy and Lisa plus lots of lovely volunteers- however to run a shoebox appeal involves paying for:-

Postage, stationary, electricity, gas, warehouse/office rent, legals, cardboard, publicity, accomodation, hiring of vehicles, insurance, maintenance, HGV’s to Eastern Europe, distribution……. the list is endless and everything has gone up in cost since 2000.

However there is another reason why this year we have chosen to put the donation up.  It has become more and more obvious to us that as the project managers give out the shoeboxes, they are entering the homes of people living in truly terrible circumstance.  Link to Hope runs education and social care projects all year round that support many hundreds of people.  However the shoebox appeal impacts thousands of people lives.  

Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal One old lady in her 80’s lived in a small house/hut and had only her son to look after her. We gave her your shoebox which she was delighted with however it was pointed out that she had no wood left and when we left she would be freezing for the rest of the winter. The extra £1 you put on your shoeboxes meant Claudiu our Romanian contact was able to go out and buy enough wood for her for the next few months. This is exactly the sort of situation we wanted to help with #morethanashoebox

Faith and Works

James 2 v 15 Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food v 16 If one of you tells him ” Go in peace; stay warm and well fed” but does not provide for his physical needs, what good is that?

Or for the non- religious amongst you – Although it is great to give someone a shoebox – amazing in fact – if the room is freezing, there is no food, children are hungry and that brief flick of hope just died in the persons eyes when you turn to leave – you realise that if you had the resources perhaps that hope could continue to live?  

We know we cannot change everyones lives but certain cases this year have really made us realise we need to do more.


This is a lady found lying on the floor under a blanket.  This is how she always sleeps as she has no bed, no mattress and no-one to care for her.

When shoeboxes were being delivered to this family it was discovered that the family had just lost their four month old child who died of the cold as they had no money to heat the room they lived in.
These children will soon go to the orphanage, their father replied, because their mother left them. Children are hungry, do not know how to talk and sleep in an unheated room. When they got the shoebox they did not know how to enjoy it. When they broke it open, they were looking for something to eat. (Photo with held)



Mum with three children, one of them is ill, but the family has no money to buy the necessary treatment. Their is not doctor in the village and the nearest hospital is 70km away. Shoeboxes for them is a source of  joy (Photo withheld). 





There are many, many other stories.  So this year we are going to be prepared to help with funds to help solve some of the problems we find when we are delivering your shoeboxes.  We hope you feel able to partner with us and make an real difference to peoples lives.