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Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal

Why support the Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal 2022?

We ask people to join in with our Shoebox Appeal 2022 and fill a Shoebox for a family – not just a child.  The list contains items for all family members and includes different items.  These range from shower gel/shampoo, family games, stationary items, gift for mum and dad as well as sweets, soft toys, hats, scarves etc 

  • Our Shoebox Appeal has been running since 1992.  We have delivered smiles to thousands of people in Eastern Europe over the years. In fact, we have sent in total over 1,000,000 shoeboxes to hundreds of different locations!
  •  It’s a really simple idea, anyone can get involved, and we are always keen to have more people join our national network of supporters.
  • We’re always looking for help from schools, churches and businesses, as well as individuals to join in with the Shoebox Appeal.

What makes our Shoebox Appeal 2022 different?

  1. Your shoeboxes will go to the poorest people in Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria and Romania.
  2. Unlike many other shoebox appeals, our scheme collects boxes for entire families and the elderly, so nobody’s left out.
  3. We are small, yet established enough to have personal relationships with the individuals in Eastern Europe who work hard delivering your boxes. For transparency, we also carry out spot-checks to confirm that the right people are receiving your boxes.
  4. We believe that sending shoeboxes shows love from British people to those in war-torn or poverty-stricken circumstances, regardless of their background, colour, creed or religion.
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Donate to the Shoebox Appeal 2022

Donate your £3 per shoebox on behalf of yourself or the financial total of your groups/organisation/businesses shoeboxes eg 10 shoeboxes = £30 OR donate to the 2022 Family & Elderly Shoebox Appeal.

To send a cheque instead then please send it to Link to Hope, Link House, Ferring Street, Ferring, West Sussex, BN12 5JP. Please mark clearly who has sent it and the number of shoeboxes or the donation you would like to make.

To make a BACS payment our details are: Natwest, 60-24-31, Account No. 12677949. PLEASE PUT A REFERENCE ON YOUR PAYMENT


Send us items for the Shoebox Appeal 2022

We would love to receive bulk purchases of items from our Shoebox Leaflet for our Shoebox Appeal 2022.   Receiving items in bulk (ie more than one or two) would mean that we could make even more shoeboxes to be sent out to the people we support in Eastern Europe. Please send your bulk items to Shoebox Appeal, Link to Hope, Link House, Ferring Street, Ferring, West Sussex, BN12 5JP.  Alternatively you could order items on line and have them sent directly to us.   We also have an Amazon Wish List that you can use if you are shopping on line with them.

What should I send?

We would love to receive bulk purchases of items suitable to go into a Family or Elderly Shoebox. All of the items we would like to receive can be found on our Shoebox Appeal Leaflet 2022

Priority Items
  • Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
  • Candles & Holders
  • Small Games – Draughts/Playing Cards
  • Sweets/Chocolates – Packets
  • Soap & Flannels
Other items you could purchase and send us for the Shoebox Appeal
  • Colouring Pads, Crayons/Pencils/ Calculators, A5 Pads
  • Small Toys – Yo-yo’s, Skipping Ropes, Toys cars etc
  • Gifts for parents – DIY tools, tape measures, lightweight head scarves, jewellery
  • Toiletries – Shampoo, new make up, moisturiser, hairbrushes
  • Reading Glasses, Wooden Cutlery, Sensory Items, Hot Water Bottles, Work Gloves, Socks & Tights (New), Wind Up Radio/Torch, Scissors, Nail Clippers etc

Receiving items in bulk (ie more than one or two) would mean that we could make even more shoeboxes to be send out to the people we support in Eastern Europe.

Please send you bulk items to Link to Hope, Link House, Ferring Street, Ferring, West Sussex, BN12 5JP

Alternatively you could order items on line and have them sent directly to us. We also have an Amazon Wish List that you can use if you are shopping on line with them. Obviously there are many other stores that you could purchase from such as The Works, The Range, Supermarkets, Poundland/Poundstretcher etc.

Amazon Wish List Link to Hope
Shoebox Appeal Family

Family Shoebox Appeal

What’s in a typical Christmas shoebox gift for a family?

The families who receive your Christmas shoeboxes often have to choose between buying food or fuel. Buying presents is a low priority, as their homes often lack running water or are cold, damp and dark because they have no electricity. Our online Shoebox Appeal  list mixes eleven essential and luxury items. For example:

  1. Knitted hat
  2. Chocolate
  3. Soap and flannel
  4. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  5. Candle and holder
  6. Playing cards
  7. Hairbrush
  8. Tape measure
  9. Soft toy
  10. Calculator
  11. Shampoo

Please note, we need a £3 donation with each Christmas shoebox to cover the cost of shipping it to the recipient.

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Join in with the Shoebox Appeal and buy a family shoebox online

If you’re unable to make up a shoebox, but would like to donate one, you can make an online donation of £20 per shoebox. We will fill one for you and add a greeting card on your behalf. If you would like us to send you a photo of it, please let us know.

We Fill a Shoebox

Elderly Shoebox Appeal

Due to the number of elderly people that are now being left alone due to their families leaving to work away, we have launched the Elderly Shoebox Appeal. The boxes are similar however the childrens games and education materials are replaced with a wind up torch, sensory items, candle and holder etc.

Our Shoebox Appeal send shoeboxes to Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine.
We are small enough that we have a personal relationship with all the key contacts in Eastern Europe who distribute your Shoeboxes and we do spot checks to ensure that your boxes are received by the correct people.
We are a Christian charity who believe in distributing love to those in need regardless of background, colour, creed or religion.

Why do we ask for Christmas shoeboxes for the elderly?

Many elderly people are left alone because their families had to flee or fight, or because they are in communities where employment is scarce, forcing their family members to move away to look for work. Many elderly people are left with nobody. Our Shoebox Appeal for the elderly people is a very powerful reminders that people genuinely care. The online Christmas shoebox list includes a range of much-needed items. For example, you might select:

  1. Cutlery
  2. Lavender bag
  3. Socks
  4. Hot water bottle
  5. Pen and paper
  6. Reading glasses
  7. Gloves
  8. Boiled sweets
  9. Soap and flannel
  10. Toothbrush and toothpaste

Please remember, we also need a £3 donation to ship each shoebox to the elderly person.

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Buy a Christmas shoebox online for an elderly person

If you would like to join in with the Shoebox Appeal, we will fill a Christmas shoebox for an elderly person on your behalf for £20 donation. We’ll include a Christmas card from you and, if you wish, we can send you a photograph of your shoebox.

Link to Hope Elderly Shoebox Appeal

Packing a Shoebox

Each month we are suggesting different items for people to buy to put in their shoebox. Please download our Link to Hope Family & Elderly Shoebox Calendar that give you lots of suggestions for 2022.

Link to Hope do Family and Elderly Shoeboxes. We do not do childrens shoeboxes. There are many excellent charities that do, but we believe that everyone deserves a present at Christmas time. We always ask for people to put similar items in each and every box. It can be a real challenge, but our box stuffers are always equal to the task! Over the years we’ve found the recipients really appreciate those items which meet their most immediate, and mostly practical, needs.


Shoebox Appeal – 7 Steps

1. Order this years shoebox leaflets at Shoebox Registration 2022

2. Then choose 5 or more of the items in the Red or Purple Box and put them in your shoebox. There should be a minimum of 11 different items in your shoebox

3. Tick everything you have put into your box and whether it is a Family or an Elderly Shoebox.

4. Now wrap the entire box in wrapping paper. If you want to wrap the lid and box separately please make sure it is securely sellotaped and an elastic band is put around it. This is to stop them opening during transit.

5. Tape the contents list (the one where you have ticked all the items) to the shoebox only on the yellow strips where indicated.

6. Fold over the leaflet and if you pay tax please complete and sign the attached Gift Aid Form. Please tape down where indicated and attach £3. NB This is the first increase for 18 years. Costs have gone up but there is also another reason – please read about it here.

7. Lastly please go to our Getting Shoeboxes to us page to find your nearest drop off point.

Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal Contents List
Link to Hope's Shoebox Appeal

Shoebox crafting

We thought it would be a good idea to create a crafting page where we can put up ideas on how to make items for your shoeboxes. Rather than re-invent the wheel we will be putting up links to videos, pages and tutorials that give you step to step guides to how to do things. Please note that these websites are just for guidance and you can of course use any other site that you find. NB By linking to these websites we are not endorsing their views.

First up is knitting and crocheting. In a shoebox we only need these sorts of items – hats/gloves/scarves/headband/slippers. The only other knitted/crochet item we need is knee blankets that will go with your shoebox but not in it.

Please do not knit items of clothing such as jumpers, baby matinee jackets or anything for under three years old. Also nothing in pastel colours please as it is just so impractical for the person that receives them.

Tippet scarf
Fantastically simple tote bag
Knitted headband
Simple mittens

Getting boxes to us

There are many ways to get your boxes to us. We can collect, you can bring them to our warehouse directly & you can also drop them to an Area Receiver – See map for drop off points

If you have more than 80 boxes and unable to take them to an Area Receiver please fill in our SHOEBOX PICK UP FORM by the 4th November 2022. We cannot arrange a collection after that date


If you have under 80 shoeboxes we are unable to arrange a pick up. Please take them to your nearest Area Receiver or contact us asap.

Important – If you do not see an Area Collector who is near you please contact us as we generally know someone else you can take your boxes to.

Would you like to help us with our Family & Elderly Shoebox Appeal?

There are plenty of opportunities to help us with our Shoebox Appeal as a volunteer. For example, we need people to help:

  • spread the word in their locality
  • set up and manage collection points
  • contact local schools, businesses and churches
  • take photographs of the Christmas shoebox activities in your area
  • encourage people to make small items of clothing to include in shoeboxes.

If you would like to get involved, please contact us telling us where you are based and how you can assist us.