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We thought it would be a good idea to create a crafting page where we can put up ideas on how to make items for your shoeboxes.  Rather than re-invent the wheel we will be putting up links to videos, pages and tutorials that give you step to step guides to how to do things.  Please note that these websites are just for guidance and you can of course use any other site that you find. NB By linking to these websites we are not endorsing their views.

First up is knitting and crocheting.  In a shoebox we would love to see – hats/gloves/scarves/headband/slippers.  Also knee blankets that will go with your shoebox but not in it.  Please do not knit items of clothing such as jumpers, baby matinee jackets or anything for under three years old.  Also nothing in pastel colours please as it is just so impractical for the person that receives them.  Finally apologies to all crafting experts but these are all going to be basic instructions due to the fact that we are complete beginners and need as much help as we can get – love Lisa & Wendy


Fabric Scrunchies 1

A great idea for left over pieces of fabric that you might have.  These instructions are suggested by Mag Thompson and the website she has suggested is Duni’s Studio’s.  Instructions in English and German should you so wish.  Very simple and a lovely gift. Photo credit Duni’s Studio’s.  Obviously lots of other people do instructions for this simple items as well so take a look at You Tube if you would rather see how its made.



Link to Hope Knitted Teddies

Ok, so you can’t actually put these inside a shoebox.  However we are allowed to send them as ‘packing’.  We know, its strange but as long as it is outside the actual shoebox, it can be put inside the outerbox to stop the shoeboxes sliding around.  Anyway the result is the same as when the shoeboxes are given out there are lots of lovely teddies waiting in the box to be given out as well.  The project leader/teacher will also keep some of them back to make sure the very poorest children get to have some.  Thanks to Mags Thomson for this one.


A word from Mags ” Here is another easy knitting project. Easy- but a bit fiddly until you have made one. Worked in garter stitch & some rib. Doesn’t take up too much shoebox space either. It’s a little tippet scarf (also called an Ascot cravat) overall length 30 inches. I altered the pattern slightly to make main scarf slightly narrower- 18 stitches rather than 22. It used approx 50g chunky yarn but I think you could use Aran instead (not DK ‘though). If you knit to tension – old size 8 needles” For full instructions please follow the link

Tippet Scarf





Here is the simplest tutorial we could find and the shortest so although not perfect (and who has a machine to make pom-poms!!) otherwise its ok.  Trying to find some written patterns as well



Quite a lot of conversation at the beginning of this video but it only last just over 6 mins and is a bit more interesting than just a plain knit scarf.




A bit debatable if these are simple or not however the best video we have seen so far.  For people who want the written instructions Megan Brightwoods blog is here  Thank you to Mags Thomson for spotting this.




Even we could do this.  A simple bag to replace a plastic bag but if made in lovely fabric a gorgeous gift for your shoebox.  And depending on fabric, shouldn’t take up much room.  Whats not to like? And the written instructions and infographic can be found here. Thank you to Mag Thomson for this contribution. 




Instructions can be found here.  Scroll down for pictorial instructions and written ones.