Link to Hope

Thank you for wanting to partner with us at Link to Hope by sending gifts of love through a shoebox, to some of the poorest and most marginalised people in Eastern Europe. 

You Fill a Shoebox We fill a Shoebox Donate to the Shoebox Appeal Send items for a Shoebox

YOU FILL A SHOEBOX – Please register for this years appeal here

WE FILL A SHOEBOX FOR YOU – This year if you don’t have time or are unable to do a shoebox for us, we will fill a shoebox for you – For more information

DONATE TO THE SHOEBOX APPEAL – If you would like to help towards the costs of the Shoebox Appeal to enable us to send even more shoeboxes this year then please go here

SEND US ITEMS FOR A SHOEBOX – We would love to receive bulk purchases of items from our Shoebox Leaflet.   Receiving items in bulk (ie more than one or two) would mean that we could make even more shoeboxes to be sent out to the people we support in Eastern Europe.  Here is a suggested list.  Please send you bulk items to Link to Hope, Link House, Ferring Street, Ferring, BN12 5JP.  Alternatively you could order items on line and have them sent directly to us.    We also have an Amazon Wish List that you can use if you are shopping on line with them.