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Each month we are suggesting different items for people to buy to put in their shoebox.  Please download our Link to Hope Family & Elderly Shoebox Calendar that give you lots of suggestions for 2021.

Link to Hope do Family and Elderly Shoeboxes.  We do not do childrens shoeboxes.  There are many excellent charities that do, but we believe that everyone deserves a present at Christmas time. We always ask for people to put similar items in each and every box.  It can be a real challenge, but our box stuffers are always equal to the task!  Over the years we’ve found the recipients really appreciate those items which meet their most immediate, and mostly practical, needs. 

 1.Order this years shoebox leaflets at Shoebox Registration 2022 (when they are ready)

2. Then choose 5 or more of the items in the Red or Purple Box and put them in your shoebox.  There should be a minimum of 11 different items in your shoebox

Shoebox Leaflet 2021 - Link to Hope

3. Tick everything you have put into your box and whether it is a Family or an Elderly Shoebox.

4. Now wrap the entire box in wrapping paper. If you want to wrap the lid and box separately please make sure it is securely sellotaped and an elastic band is put around it.  This is to stop them opening during transit.

Now Take OUT any of the following items you may have put in – FOOD, PACKETS OF PARACETAMOL OR ANY OTHER MEDICINES, ANY BOOKS, TEA/COFFEE, OUT OF DATE ITEMS, TINS OF SARDINES/BAKED BEANS, BISCUITS AND ANY ITEMS OF CLOTHING EXCEPT FOR HATS/GLOVES/SCARVES etc. NO UNDERWEAR OR SANITARY ITEMS                                                                                       

Its not US, its down to CUSTOMS in each of the countries the shoeboxes go to.

5. Tape the contents list (the one where you have ticked all the items) to the shoebox only on the yellow strips where indicated.

6. Fold over the leaflet and if you pay tax please complete and sign the attached Gift Aid Form.  Please tape down where indicated and attach £3. NB  This is the first increase for 18 years.  Costs have gone up but there is also another reason – please read about it here

7. Lastly please go to our Getting Shoeboxes to us page to find your nearest drop off point. NB This will be updated and re-launched in April 2021



  • You ARE allowed to put toothpaste and sweets in your Family or Elderly Shoebox for the 2022 Appeal – they are very welcome.
  • We have put soap and a flannel as this is preferred to shower gel – smaller, lasts longer, can be used for handwashing clothes too, and no bottle to dispose of afterwards – we are trying to reduce our environmental impact.  Please help us.
  • Please try to use packaging that can be recycled afterwards or at least causes minimum damage to the places where these shoeboxes go to.  A bin on every corner is very unlikely.

But there are loads of other gifts that we are happy to send – so don’t feel limited by the list! You’ve always been both generous and imaginative, and make your shoebox a mixture of practical and ‘nice to haves’ – items that will come in handy, or bring a smile to a child or cheer a lonely elderly person (or all 3!) – and which raise your boxes from an act of charity to a cherished gift. 

When you have nothing, something simple can make all the difference.

OR if you would like to donate £10 or another amount towards the Shoebox Appeal then please go to our Shoebox donation page.