Adenas House

Peters Story  “During December, I was providing our first Christmas project that Link to Hope had funded, providing hot meals for elderly and disabled. On the very first day, I met a young lady called Alena. She spoke English and arrived on that cold, wet day to collect three meals for disabled old people. It wasn’t until I saw her struggling down the stairs, I realised she herself has a disability…. Cerebral Palsy. I helped her downstairs where her husband Andrei was waiting in their old car. Andrei has Polio.

I was very touched that this young couple care for others and ask for nothing for themselves. I was very interested to know more. Sadly, a few days later, Alena fell and broke her leg. I offered to take her and her family a meal. Arriving to their house, again I was really touched. They have two young children, a boy called M’kola (I call Coca) and a younger daughter called Anja, she had been diagnosed with Autism.

Both Alena and Andrei have jobs, Andrei as a watchman at the main train station car park and Alena, provides some social media support. Again. I was impressed, they ask for nothing but hold down jobs.

After Christmas a small team of volunteers to visit families with disabilities.  The team goes to support and find ways to help. Alena is a key part of this team, she is awesome because she provides translation fore but also, has insight for disability.

It saddened me to see their living conditions. They desperately need help with improvements and decoration. They considered moving home but, Alena’s mum is close by and both children have friends nearby.  It’s difficult on paper to explain the conditions. I’ve seen worse but you can see, they try very hard to make it a happy home. I always have a lump in my throat when seeing all four need to sleep in one bed”

This family have given so much to others and are uncomplaining.  We would love to raise some funds to help try to improve their house and bring a blessing to them.  If you would like to donate then please press the donate button and in the comments place put that it is for Alena’s House.  Many thanks.

Link to Hope Alenas House
Link to Hope Alenas House

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