Link to Hope


Link to Hope Furniture Team

If you have furniture that you would like to donate to us we have a new way of doing this.  Although we are always grateful for donations we need to reduce the amount of items we take to landfill.  It costs the charity a large amount of money in time, labour, petrol etc so we can only pick up items that will sell well in our shops.  Please do not take offence if your donation is turned down, it may be that the items although valued by yourself just aren’t selling well in the shops at that time.

For House/Flat Clearances – Please ring us on 01903 529333 / 07706 730415 to arrange.

Taking photos of your furniture
  1. Please take photos of the pieces of furniture you would like us to collect.  NB If there are a large amount of items then please just take photos of the items in general NB All soft furnishings must have fire labels attached.


2. Write a list of all the furniture items that you would like picking up.  This is so we send the right vehicle.  Sometimes   ” a few items” turns out to be double that and we don’t have enough room.  We then have to send a bigger van.  


3.Ring the nearest Link to Hope shop – contact details here.  The shop manager will tell you where to send the photos – either by e-mail of Whats App – and if the furniture is suitable then the furniture team will come back to you shortly with a collection slot.