Alternative to Fast Fashion

Link to Hope are thrilled to announce the start of an autumn collaboration with Northbrook College and the GMBC Level 3 Diploma Fashion Textiles department. With our 5 charity shops and E-Bay operation, we are always aiming to reduce the amount of clothing and textiles that end up in landfill. The students have therefore been delivered 25 bags of end of life items, that they are going to transform into completely different garments. Alongside this, important messages such as womens health, animal cruelty, eating disorders, drugs misuse etc will be woven into the themes.
Yesterday the students opened up the bags for the first time and Lisa our General Manager went along to see what they thought ” I was astonished at the really intelligent and imaginative way the students approached the project and how they took on board what was trying to be achieved” The college and charity will be displaying the results of the students work in their Chapel Road Charity shop in Worthing from mid November. We will keep you updated on their progress. Special thanks go to Carolyn Harrison the course leader for all her help
Northbrook College

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