Bulgarian Soup Kitchen

We work in a very poor village called Chirpan in Bulgaria.  We were able with your help, to open a soup kitchen for the very poorest children.  It is open from November – March ie throughout the coldest Winter months.  The children also received your Family Shoeboxes as did the Elderly who we help.  This from Mihail, our project manager in Chirpan village:-

Hello Lisa, it is a pleasure for us to send you a report for the first three months of how the work of the social kitchen in Chirpan is going, the children are quite happy and joyful that they can visit the Education Center and eat after lessons.  They also received your shoeboxes and each box that you sent contained hats, scarves and children’s dolls which we make them happy with this. They are happy that they are fed, that they are educated and that they receive a hat and a scarf. We help mainly Roma and children of Turkish origin who come to our social kitchen. These children are so grateful to us that during these three months so far on these cold days and months we feed them and take care of them. Last week a child came to the canteen and say to my wife Boyana  “Do you know that I tell my friends that you are my mom because you help me” This really touched my heart that these kids really have us as their parents they can count on. We feed them twice a week and the total number of children attending the Social Kitchen is 40.  We also take food out to families and the elderly in the back of a car and deliver it to families and the elderly”

Thank you to everyone that is part of Club Link that enabled us to fund this emergency soup kitchen and for all those that knitted hats and scarves.

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