Emmaus Club

Dancu & Ciora, Moldova

Emmaus Club – A wonderful development program for children with special educational needs in Dancu.

Besides many problems the families will face in Dancu, there are many parents who often baffled by the problems presented by a child with learning disabilities. Often this “invisible disability” does not become obvious until a child reaches school age. Even then, difficulties may be subtle and hard to recognise.

Originally children were ‘sent away’ when they couldn’t keep up with their peers but thanks to the Emmaus Club they receive extra lessons in order to keep up. The project is now welcomed by the local school and our teachers work with them to help particular children. This now also involves children who come from very chaotic and sometimes violent families as well as children that have been left with grandparents while their parents work abroad.. All the children we help come from poor families.

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“The 2020-2021 school year was a year which met us with many challenges.  A year full of restrictions but despite all we managed to be the best with God’s help. We managed to support 25 students in the 2nd – 5th class in Dancu School.  Students who for various reasons fail to master the school curriculum.  Students who come from disadvantaged families where the parents do not remember their responsibilities for their children.  Our six teachers gave their body and soul to provide the best for these children.  This year, compared to previous years, we have had children with different behaviours, more difficult and complicated to understand.  But we thank God for giving us wisdom and patience and love so that we could face all the challenges.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to work with the generation of children that come.  Among the children who look forward to Saturday so they can come to the Emmaus club, there are some children who do not want to do anything, do not like anything, do not want to listen or to learn.  Their situation at home makes them want to do nothing – it is so bleak. But we try to motivate them and help them to understand that everything we want to do is for their own good.  In these difficult times, God is needed more than ever.

Another year has passed and we thank God for all the strength and love which He has put in us for these children.  Every session, we received them with joy and we waited for them with open arms, trying to understand them and help them to understand us as well. Together we counted, we did calculations, we read, we drew, we played, we listened to each other and we tried to be as close as possible to them and respond positively to their needs.

Due to the situation we have in our country, we celebrated special days of the year (e.g. Christmas, Mother’s day, Easter, Family day, Children’s day) in a smaller way.  We enjoyed together with the children watching films, colouring, creating different crafts and playing, ensuring that the atmosphere was as pleasant and interesting as possible.  We succeeded because we saw their faces when we challenged them to participate in different activities on different occasions.  The most beautiful surprise was on 1st of June when we did the prizes for the year and celebrated children’s day.  After a time full of activities, the children received a bag full of sweets and fruit.  They left for home very happy and everyone said that they will look forward to seeing us again in September. I wished them a beautiful holiday full of pleasant surprises.

All the activities that we carried out in this program were received well by the teachers and also by the students and the parents.  Whilst we know the situation of every child, where they come from, in what conditions they live, what education he receives, we try to have a healthy diet, good school supplies and teaching materials and other material they may need for activities.  Due to the financial support received from you, our children did not lack anything, our activities have not suffered but on the contrary we have had a very successful year.

May God bless you and reward you for everything that you have done for us and for our children.  On behalf of the teachers, students, parents and even from the Headteacher of Dancu School we bring you sincere thanks for all you continue to do to support this project which is a great help for the students with low performance in school.

We thank you and all those who were with us in 2020-2021 and in all the previous years.  We are so grateful for all your prayers and wonderful support towards this special ministry. In our prayers, we thank God for you all and we pray that God will bless you abundantly and that you will be encouraged because God is really using you in a very special way to bring some much hope and encouragement into so many lives”