Future Changed Homework Clubs

Iasi, Romania

Teacher: Lavinia Onişoru

The Homework Club was started when it became apparent that all the hard work that had been started at the kindergarten was being lost when the children went to school. Suddenly they were left without support, had little encouragement from often illiterate parents and homes that are dark, crowded, noisy and not conducive for doing their homework.

One wise man once said that the society of which its people have educational deficiency, is a society with out hope for a good future, a society in which the rules with the role of self development and collective evolution are not allowed to be implemented. I believe that the education these children are receiving during their first years of life it is very important. For most of the children within the Homework Club, the social and moral education lacks within the whole family. Not all parents can be good examples for their children, so it is important for them to know people and behavior that can be followed.



During this term I have observed that the role of the parent is important for a child.  The children are very affected and then get confused when they are told and shown how they behave at home and that they are copying other wrong behavior. Because of this, I have considered that a character lesson should be taught throughout the week.  This way they will be able to present a different character from their family, to analyze them together in order to see if they are good, and understand the proper way to behave.

Throughout this period of time, the children have gained knowledge, new abilities and they have developed their character. They understood the importance of the rules and the way we must behave in our society. The children from the Homework Club have a really good ability to understand the presented concepts. As they are older it was easier for them to be focused for a longer time during the lessons.

For this term I wanted to focus more on developing the right behavior in the family and society. In order for this to happen, I realized lessons to develop the civic abilities should be taught, such as: Empathy, Goodness and Evil, Trust, Seriousness, Politeness, Respect and Courage. In order for the students to understand the meaning and importance of these lessons, I have been presenting them together with different kind of illustrated stories.  The kids are “attracted” by the illustrated stories and most of them are able to remember the stories really well. Besides the stories, I have added also songs and small poems for them to learn and remember. The biblical lessons have been connected by the importance of a pure and clean life given to our Lord Jesus Christ. The children have been more receptive and attentive to the presented illustrations about the life of Jesus.