Future Changed Social Projects

Cluj Napoca, Romania

Future Changed is Link to Hope’s biggest and longest running project.  It consists of a kindergarten, homework club and parents school.  It also has a social outreach programme in ‘Dallas’ Shanty Town that helps the families who have children in our educational programmes.  Each year 20 of the poorest families are given a place on the programme and although most have low to no literacy themselves, they must be keen to have their children educated.  Help includes house rebuilding, medicines, legal help, food parcels and wood.




Mrs. S and Mr. S. are married and have together six children aged 2-13 years old.

The family live in a house consisting of 2 rooms, built 4-5 years ago when the flood came and ruined their old house. Living conditions are precarious. The roof is damaged and when the snow melted, there was a lot of water in the house and the ceiling fell in. Also, the walls have a lot of moisture and mould. The family has not repaired the roof yet, stating that they do not have money for this because they have a lot of debts from when they built the house. We gave the family a bucket of washable lime to paint the walls in the house.

The little children are very dirty, although their mother stays all day at home. The father goes through villages and sells chickens, vegetables or fruits, thus managing to earn money for his family. They also receive four serving meals per day from the social canteen, Child Benefit and social help.The family is faithful, they don’t smoke or drink, but still fail to progress. The family situation isn’t a good one, the children are still unclean and have lice although we gave the mother shampoo and comb for lice. Relationships in the family are peaceful.


Mr & Mrs L. have two children. Emma was raised by her maternal grandmother from 3 months old until 4 years old when her mother returned home from abroad. Unfortunately the father was in prison during this time.

Recently Emmas mother was arrested by the police, given a prison sentence for three and a half years, and was taken to prison. Emma and her brother (9 months), stay with their grandmother. Unfortunately she has asthma, breaths hard and can only walk through the house. To take care of the children, her older girls help which means that they miss school to raise the children. The grandparents love their grandchildren and declare that they would not forsake them for anything in the world.

To help families such as these and many others please consider sponsoring the Future Changed Project. You will receive a report every four months updating you on the work they undertake. For more information read more here.