Link to Hope Family Value Shoebox

This is a Family Shoebox that we have put together using online and stores that are local to us here in Worthing.  You will have other low cost stores where you are.  We are in no way promoting any particular retail outlet, we just wanted to put together a shoebox to inspire people that creating one doesn’t have to cost the earth.  To reduce the cost still further there are Buy One, Get One free offers, lots of items can be bought at charity shops for a lot less money.  Handmade items like flannels can be made and stitched, hats/gloves/scarves can be knitted, headscarf can be sewn, even handmade candles.  Most of us have tools that hang around in drawers and how many of us need two tape measures or multiple flat headed screwdrivers?  Be creative, have fun and please don’t spend a fortune. Just make your shoebox the sort of box that if you opened it you would be delighted.

Items Details Store Cost per item
Gloves/Scarf/Hat Your local Knit & Knatter Group Try your local church Donation of some wool/biscuits
Sweets/Chocolate 3 for £1 Tesco 0.33p
Soap 2 for £1 Amazon/Wilkinsons 0.50p
Flannel Wilkinsons 0.55p
Toothbrush 8 for £2.06 Amazon 0.25p
Toothpaste Value Morrissons 0.49p
Candles & Holders T-Lights – 20 for £3.99 Amazon 0.99p
Small Games 2 for £1 Pound Shop 0.50p
Colouring Pads £3.79 for 20 Amazon 0.19p
Crayons/Pencils Wilkinsons 0.80p
Small Toys Eg Bubbles Wilkinsons 0.80p
Soft Toy Charity Shop 0.50p
Tape Measure/Tool Wilkinsons 1.45p
Headscarf/Hair Brush Charity Shop/Pound Shop 1.00p
Shampoo (max 300ml) Amazon 0.91p
Calculator The Works 2.00p
Safety Razors Amazon 0.69p
Total Shoebox £11.95